19 Things I’ve Learnt From Being In My Twenties

May 4, 2016

The main thing – there’s nothing better than a list post.

1. Having your nails painted, really makes it feel like you have your life together

2. A lot less people have their life together than you think. Most twenty-something girls are in fact trying to find their path, just like you are.

3. Sometimes there is nothing more therapeutic than cooking up a storm and serving up some home-made grub.

4. It is hard to see your friends on a regular basis, especially if you don’t all live within 10 minutes from each other like you did when you were growing up.

5. Boys don’t like you more if you double text them.

6. You can 100% see your knickers through your leggings. Even if they’re black. Even if you wear a thong. No excuses.

7. There is no ‘right’ time to get a new job, move in together, go travelling, break up etc. If it feels right to you, it is.

8. Sometimes you have to be a grown up and put the Topshop jumpsuit down.

9. You will spend most of your adult life questioning the reasons for paying council tax.

10. You shouldn’t skimp on skincare. That baby gotta last you a lifetime.

11. Complaining about the cost of petrol will become a weekly sore point.

12. The only person who cares how you look in a bikini is you.

13. Buying homeware will completely take over your life… and your bank balance… but hell, your kitchen gonna look gooooood

14. Being healthy is more expensive than you thought.

15. No one teaches you how to apply for a mortgage or buy a house or how to save money.

16. If you’re constantly having to question whether you’re happy in your relationship, chances are, you probably aren’t.

17. Renting is just dead money. Who knew?! Oh wait, your parents did.

18. It’s far more common to blow all your money on Boohoo and live like a pauper the rest of the month than you might have thought. Will we ever change? Probs not…

19. Chocolate + Netflix + blankets = happiness

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