The 18 Thoughts All Office Workers Know Too Well

September 2, 2016

1. Hmm, did I even press print…

2. If I make a coffee now, I’m going to feel like a Starbucks barista

3. How many toilet visits is too many toilet visits?

4. Also, can I take my phone?

5. If I shut my eyes for a second, can I pass it off as thinking really really hard?

6. Will someone please open that bag of sweets. I WILL NOT CAVE FIRST

7. I know I’ve got lunch, but… bakery

8. Are people going to get annoyed if I bulk book my holidays into their calendars for the next 8 months?

9. Is someone going to answer that?

10. Is she pregnant or?

11. When is this meeting going to end…

12. What was I literally just working on?

13. Please, please don’t be a sales call, please don’t be a sales call. Crap…

14. Another meeting in the diary… fab

15.  I’m pretty sure my body is shutting down from lack of caffeine.

16. Can I eat this bread that’s 6 days out of date?


18. Ahh Friday again, you beautiful, beautiful being.

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