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February 1, 2016

Today marks the start of a new month, which means January is over!

I’m usually one to hate on January for being so long, drab and boring, but I actually had quite a fun month, which in my eyes, has flown by. It’s been a bit of a weird month. I thought I would be majorly down in the dumps about Christmas being over, and having to go back to work after having most of December off, but this year, January was different. For one, it was really fun, and it felt like a fresh start.

I’ve always been a believer that life can sometimes throw things at you where you just need a break, and although I’ve been saying that last month was fun, I definitely wanted to get away. We had originally booked to visit to The Coniston Hotel to celebrate our 3 year anniversary (which was in December) but someone’s boyfriend didn’t read the small print that stated that it wasn’t valid during the festive period… So we decided to go at the end of January.

I’m a lover of the countryside, but unfortunately don’t get out there as much as I would like, which is a bit ridiculous seeing as I literally live about 20 minutes away. We arrived at the hotel at 2pm, feeling a bit keen as that was the time the check-in desk opened…

We dropped off our bags and decided to have a look around, first stop, the spa. It was in another building about 100m from the hotel, and up a hill, which gave the infinity pool an amazing view over Lake Coniston.

The lobby of the hotel had a log fire and a lovely view of the pool. We had a quick look around, told the receptionist that we were staying in the hotel, and she said just come back whenever we wanted. We nipped back to the room to get changed and went back to the spa. I got changed into my mismatched bikini, grabbed my book and headed out to the pool.

There were two saunas (one normal, and one salt, detoxing, fancy one) a steam room, a Jacuzzi, the pool and an outdoor heated infinity pool, which I got forced into, but it was amazing having your body submerged in warm water and your head in the cold, fresh air.

After we had a few hours in the spa, we got ready for dinner and drinks and headed to the bar. We had two glasses of Prosecco in the deal that we got (of which I had one and a half) and maybe another two with dinner. To start I had scallops, wrapped in parma ham with black pudding, followed by chicken and potatoes (it was a lot fancier than I just made it out) and a fudge cake. I didn’t take any photos of the food as we had a no phone rule for the evening.

In the morning we had breakfast downstairs in the main restaurant. Afterwards, we decided to take a trip to the nearest town, Skipton. It reminded me of Harrogate, but slightly smaller, and it didn’t have as many shops ie. no Topshop. It did have cobbled streets and canals and pubs down back alleys which reminded me of my beloved York.

The weather was a mixture of high-speed winds, snow, sleet, rain and sunshine, so overall it was an odd mix. It did add to the whole experience though! I’ve noticed as well that people in Yorkshire, and smaller towns, tend to be much more laid back than us city folk. On the way back we found my favourite shop ever. It was called Keelham’s Farm Shop, and it was the most amazing place ever! It was full of fresh fruit, veg, a bakery, a smoothie bar, a hot food counter, a cheese counter, free samples – honestly, it was so amazing, and we bought the best pizza for about £3.

Now that I’ve got the taste for the countryside again, I feel as though I want to visit more and more and try new places. The next place I fancy is definitely the lakes, as it’s been a few years since I last went.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our mini adventure!

Have you ever been to Skipton? What did you think?

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