6 Non-Conventional Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day

February 11, 2016

I’ll be first to admit that I am not a romantic person. I cringe quite easily, I hate anything lovey-dovey and if I hear the words ‘I wrote something for you’ or ‘poem’ etc. etc. my whole body shudders – Luckily though, I have found someone who feels the same way.

I wouldn’t say there isn’t any romance in our relationship, but it’d definitely more low key, day-to-day type romance filled with stupidly long conversations about nothing, the occasional surprise chocolate bar or an unexpected trip to somewhere new and this quite frankly is enough for me.

It will come as no shock then that I am also not a fan of valentines day. I won’t be a cliché and say ‘well I love him all year round so why do I need a special day’… actually I will, that’s exactly how I feel. To me, Valentines Day is something that is such a big deal when you are younger, but once you have found someone that you really click with, there shouldn’t be a specific day to celebrate on… call me a bore if you want!

So this is a list for the rest of you who don’t want to be cramped in your local Italian restaurant, paying double what you usually would for a lukewarm bowl of pasta and trying not to vomit over the couple you can see in the corner of your eye who definitely need to get a room. *Side note, if you don’t see that couple, it’s probably you…*

1. Aren’t we lucky that Valentine’s day falls on a weekend this year?… Why not take yourself to that local country pub you both always drive past but forget the name of when you’re trying to think of somewhere to go at the weekend? Maybe pair it with a long country walk or the local farmer’s market? Something that gets you out of the house and active means you won’t feel as bad eating the ironic valentines chocolates you bought yourself…

2. If valentines chocolates aren’t your thing, put aside some time and bake something instead. Is there a recipe you keep putting off because you don’t have the right ingredients, the time or the right baking equipment? This weekend is the perfect excuse to prepare your dessert in advance and eat it with your other half. Maybe you’ll just use one spoon to make it ‘cute’? (optional)

3. You know who hates valentines day as much as you? Your single friends. Invite the girls over, or maybe a big group of you and do a Mexican night instead. Nachos + Fajitas + Dips + Tequila + Cheese + More Cheese + Drawn on Moustaches = lots of happiness (and silly pictures for Instagram #winning)

4. Have a date night in. If you still want to do something semi-romantic, you could treat your other half to a slap up meal. Get the cookery books down, dig your apron out and get creative. If cooking isn’t your thing, maybe share the courses or buy a ‘Dine in for Two’ deal (Tesco are doing an amazing deal this weekend.) Or if you really don’t want to set foot in the kitchen, get a takeaway. There’s no judgement on Valentines day!

5. Babysit. Maybe you have younger nieces and nephews, cousins, or even your friend’s children, but wouldn’t it be nice to let the parents have a day off looking after them? Offer to take the kids off their hands for the day or even just a few hours and let them bask in the romance. You could even end up spending your Valentines Day in an aquarium or the zoo, which quite frankly seems like the best plan ever.

6. Go to another city or town. I don’t mean pack up your bags and move away (unless you really want to!) but why not try and change of scenery for the day. It doesn’t have to be far, I’m sure there are plenty of new places that can be reached within the hour, or that are just a train ride away. Sometimes it’s hard to get away for a few hours so this is the perfect day to put aside some time and spend it with your other half.

Let me know if you have any other non-conventional plans this Valentines 🙂 xx

2 responses to “6 Non-Conventional Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day”

  1. A girls night is definitely the way forward! Also, I say combine chocolate and baking! Hope you had a good v-day xxx

    Gweni // http://www.gbeauty.co.uk

  2. I spent it with both of my Nan's which was lovely and we had a roast! hope you did too and thanks for the link, I will be having a nosey at your blog 🙂 xxx

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