Brunch At Gusto, Knutsford

September 15, 2018

Brunch has to be one of my favourite meals of the week, so as soon as anyone suggests going for it, I’m definitely your girl. Recently, I was invited to sample the new brunch menu at Gusto in Knutsford, so I jumped at the chance, as not only is Gusto one of my favourite places to eat (and Knutsford, one of my favourite places to go) I had heard from some friends that the brunch menu had a lot to offer.

I recently wrote this post about the renovation of Gusto in Didsbury, and although the Knutsford branch hasn’t undergone the same level of work, it had definitely changed since the last time I was in there, which I’ll admit, was a fair few years ago. We were sat towards the back of the restaurant (which has a beautiful conservatory, complete with a tree and fairy lights and incredibly light) under a hanging display of pink flowers, intertwined around a wooden hanging frame, which came down from the skylight. The table we were on was marble too – which you can imagine, we took full advantage of!

When I arrived, I was greeted by a display of sunflowers at the door as well as the Manchester bee, which was a lovely little welcome. I made my way over to the back of the restaurant, where some other bloggers were seated and saw my friend Missy and her boyfriend, Chris. After a few introductions (and a cup of tea) we all started to have a read of the menu.

The staff were so attentive and brought round a couple of smoothies for us to try – the berry-go-round (raspberry, blackberry and strawberry) and the detox-zing (blueberry, carrot, ginger, banana and courgette) both of which were lovely and I’d definitely order next time I’m there.

They also let us sample the breakfast cocktails – breakfast pornstar (Tanqueray Sevilla, Aperol, orange juice, prosecco, passion fruit and lemon juice) fresco (Ketel One, apple juice, green apple liqueur, basil, lemon juice) and Torino bloody Mary (Ketel One, Martini Rubino, tomato juice, honey, basil, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce) which were all so fruity and colourful.

Now onto the main event…

Me being me, I had already had a look at the menu the night before and was pretty sure I knew what I wanted; saying that… after a few of us started to discuss the pancake option, my brain was suitably swayed, and I went for the Nutella and mascarpone crepe with a ginger crumb. Although I am a sweet tooth, through and through, I would never usually order something this rich for breakfast, but I felt like I should order something a little bit different – and boy did it pay off.

When I have pancakes at home, I can usually eat two or three without batting an eyelid, but as this was a filled one (and I mean, it was full to the brim) one was more than enough. The plate was also splattered with Nutella too, in case my body needed more (which obviously it did). When I hear mascarpone, sometimes, I will shy away from it, as I feel it can be a bit sickly, but it was the right balance to take the edge off the amount of sugar and bulked out the pancake.


Now one of the things you probably don’t know about me is that I cannot buy Nutella, from fear of eating the whole jar in one sitting and having immense guilt for the next year – saying that though it is something I usually go for in a dessert as I love the taste so much – and the pancake did not disappoint at all.

The one thing I really loved about it though was the ginger crumb, as it really gave it something a little extra and a bit of crunch never hurt anybody either.

All of the group went for a variety of dishes too, from full Englishes to potato rostis and bloomers with banana, Nutella and cherry (which was 100% my second choice, and apparently very nice also!) We all seemed to enjoy what we had ordered, and everyone raved about the quality of the brunch and how lovely the restaurant was.

The new brunch menu has been rolled out across all Gusto restaurants, and definitely has something interesting and new for you to try, if you are so inclined, or play it safe with an old favourite too.

Have you sampled the Gusto menu? What did you think?

My meal at Gusto was complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Breakfast Cocktails!
    I’ve Never heard of such a thing , though I like the idea!! 😂

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