My Thoughts On Turning 28

June 13, 2018

So today is my 28th birthday… The big 28 – except… no one really celebrates it as a landmark age do they?

Although it’s not a monumental age and isn’t as much of a big one as 21 or 30, it does mark a significant time in my life. It’s been the realisation that I’ve been ‘grown up’ for longer than I’ve noticed, and that adult life has managed to creep up and plant it’s seed without me even realising.

It’s been 10 years since I’ve legally been allowed to drink, 10 years since I went to university and over 10 years since I’ve been driving; for the past 6 years as well that I’ve been trying to carve myself some sort of career – so it does seem like quite a big one in a way.

I’ve never massively been into birthdays and I don’t fear getting older at all. If I’m completely honest, with working so far in advance with the wedding, I’ve already been thinking that I turned 28 a while ago, and when people ask me my age, that’s usually my go-to answer.

Becoming an adult is something I’ve talked about on the blog before. It’s such a smooth transition that you barely even realise it, but in reality, I expected to wake up one day feeling completely different; when that day never came though, I started to consider that maybe I had been a grown-up for longer than I’d even realised.

The thing with being an adult is, no one tells you how to do it, no one congratulates you when you’ve done something right, and no one is there to ask when you’re stumped (except my trusty friend Google) – it’s a bit of a learning curve that we all go through.

Growing up has never been something that bothers me: I always wanted to own my own house, have a family, good friends, little fur babies, to go on holiday, and yet in the past few years, I’ve been doing all these things that I used to class as being ‘grown up’ without even recognising I was doing them.

But 28 does mark something exciting for me and that’s stability. I am in a stable job, making a stable income; I have stable friendships and a stable relationship; I have a stable view of where my life is going and what I want to achieve in the next few years and it’s a really interesting time for me.

It’s no lie that time seems to go ridiculously quickly, but is that because we aren’t making the most of it?

As much as I love a weekend at home doing nothing, pottering about and not having any plans, I also love to be outdoors, exploring new places, eating good food at amazing restaurants, driving somewhere exciting, seeing friends and family – I like to make memories.

In my 28 years, I’ve made more memories than I thought possible. I’ve made lifelong friendships, found my soulmate, made a path for myself, and it’s been such an exciting time in my life that I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

I guess this is growing up?

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