Dreaming Of Home Renovations

June 16, 2018

Cactus in metal tin.

Every house is completely different – that’s the beauty of putting your stamp on something you call your home. Jordan and I have been in our house now for coming up to 18 months, and I can’t believe where the time has gone: It feels like just yesterday we were dreaming of being homeowners and then the next minute, we’ve been living in our own little space for months.

When we were looking for our home, we had a list of what we wanted, what we were willing to sacrifice and what would one day be on our wishlist. We saw all kinds of different houses, from cute little terraces to slightly bigger semi-detached to some which needed a lot of work doing them – and everything in between.

Although a lot of first-time buyers do buy a ‘doer-upper’, renovating a whole house wasn’t on our list for something we were after, mainly due to having to borrow more money, and not having the bandwidth to be able to complete such a big project whilst working full time; and as much as I like a challenge, I thought that taking on a project that big would be a bit too much to handle.

Since we bought our home, there have been little bits and pieces that we have done here and there, but more in a cosmetic sense such as painting different rooms, hanging up pictures and investing in some prints. However, the longer we live here for, it’s becoming more apparent that there are bigger projects that I’d like to undertake on the house when the time is right.

I’d been having a browse on Pinterest for home renovations inspiration (because why not…) and a website that kept coming up, again and again, was Three Counties who specialise in conservatories, windows and doors. Click here to learn more about them.

A conservatory isn’t something I’d ever considered for our house, but it definitely is something that would not only add value in the long run but would also allow us to make better use of the garden in summer, and also in the colder months too – and as a bonus, the cats would love it probably even more than we would! We’re quite lucky that our garden is a square, so doing something like this leading out from the kitchen wouldn’t be a problem.

When I looked into the different options they provide, I realised that a simple conservatory could be even more spectacular than I imagined: They have so many different options ranging from orangeries (a combination of a traditional home extension and conservatory) to glass extensions (a modern take, adding a high-performance glass veranda) and latern roofs (a window structure that lets in a lot of light) all of which would add the wow factor to any home.

Stone conservatory outside a house

Obviously, these dreams are just a distant wish at the moment, whilst we save for the wedding, but home renovations are something I would like to start planning in the next couple of years to make our house as homely as possible.

Have you ever considered a home renovation? What would you go for?

This post was written in collaboration with Three Counties. Visit their website to learn more.

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