Wedding Talk // Finding The Perfect Photographer

May 6, 2018

When it comes to a day like your wedding, everyone wants to be able to remember the event as best they can. To me, the photos of my wedding were one of the most important things about the day, and I spent the first couple of months of being engaged really doing my research. 

The truth is… a good wedding photographer isn’t going to be cheap: The price does range as with anything, but it is one of the things that you shouldn’t scrimp on. My advice would be to go to as many local wedding fairs as possible, have a look on Instagram and take the recommendations off married friends – that’s how we found ours, Sarah Horton – her light and airy style really stood out to me as exactly what I wanted.

I’ve rounded up a few tips on how to find the perfect one for you. Whether you are a fan of black and white photography, bold colours, or bringing out the pastels, there is definitely someone out there who can create exactly what you want.

Working Independently

The last thing you want when you’re getting married is to have to give direction when you have a million other things to think about. Professional wedding photographers know this and their portfolio will be able to give you an idea of what kind of shots they’re after on your big day. 

I would definitely recommend that you sit down with your photographer before the wedding day if you want something specific and maybe even have an engagement shoot to make you both feel comfortable around each other – I’m all about the natural shots on the big day.

In my experience, the best photographers are ‘invisible’ on the day, capturing the moments that you may not have remembered otherwise.



In some cases, when you book a professional photographer, you will simply be paying for their time, and use of their equipment can cost extra. We’re really lucky with Sarah that everything is included in the price.

With the right research, you will be able to find a photographer which includes cameras and other gear in the price of the overall service. One of the things that we have opted for too is to have a second photographer there on the day to get a range of shots.


Be Comfortable With Their Level Of Experience

Photography is a skill, especially weddings. It falls within a vast and varied field, with loads of different areas of expertise which people can go into. As a big part of this, it is important to make sure that you choose someone with the right level of experience to work with your wedding who will get the shots that you will cherish.

You should be able to find reviews which help with this, along with using the existing portfolio which they have on display and taking recommendations from others. As I mentioned, Instagram is a great place to look to see the work that they are showcasing. 


Check Their Editing Style

As I mentioned, we really wanted a light, airy style for our photography, and Sarah was both recommended and her Instagram proved to be exactly what we were after.

If photography is important to you, it’s essential that you get the photos that are important to you. If you want a lot of family shots outside, then you need to let the photographer know in advance: If you want a lot of people on the dancefloor, make sure they know this before the day – the more clear you are then the more likely you’ll get the exact shots you want.

With this day being so special, it will be important to capture it all, and a lot of people will put huge amounts of effort into jobs like this. It will all be worth it once you see the results.


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