Weekly Love #67

April 23, 2018

I hope you all had a lovely, weekend. This last week has whizzed by, which was nice because it was my first full week back in work since the middle of March!

And the weather has just put the biggest smile on my face. Everything looks so lovely when it’s sunny and it puts everyone in such a good mood. I hope it’s just a taster of what’s to come.

Here are all the things I was loving last week.


I had a voucher for a local beauty parlour so I decided to treat myself and get my nails done on Tuesday evening. I gave myself a break after having gels for most of last year back in January, and I thought that I didn’t miss it until I had them done. Now I think it’s going to have to be some sort of monthly treat for myself – treat yo-self right?


As you may know, I was nominated for a Lovin Manchester Social Media award for best lifestyle blogger and the awards ceremony was on Wednesday evening at the Hilton. I went with my friend Lily and also met Gabi before for a drink who was also up in the same category. Although I didn’t win, it was lovely to catch up with some friends and see the gorgeous sunset from 23 stories high.


I mean, it’s a given this week that the sunshine was been BLOODY BRILLIANT but really, hasn’t it just? It’s put me in the best mood and I feel much more productive when it’s out. I’ve even been sleeping better and waking up before my alarm.

Junkyard Golf

On Thursday I had a training day in Manchester and we played Junkyard Golf afterwards. I’d been to it once before but it’s since moved to another part of Manchester. It was really lovely to spend time with my wider team, and because the weather was so lovely, we had some drinks outside too.

Martin Miller’s Gin

After Junkyard Golf, I walked over to King Street Townhouse for the Martin Miller’s gin event. I was there slightly early so went up to the south terrace on the 6th floor which overlooks Manchester. It was absolutely stunning and I really want to go for a spa day there, which is on the floor above. The event was really fun and we got to try the different strengths of gin and make our own gin and tonics; they also treated us to a bottle in the goodie bag!

Come Dine With Me

It was our next ‘Alphabet Come Dine With Me’ on Friday evening, which is pretty good for us seen as the last one was also this month – we’re busy people, so we usually have at least a month or two before each letter. This time around it was T for Thailand and it was delicious. I’m a huge fan of Thai food too!

Date Day

As the weather was so lovely, Jordan and I went into Manchester for a bit of a date day. We started off with drinks at Patron in the sunshine before moving on to a few more bars and dinner at PLY. It was such perfect sunshine and it was really nice to spend some time together just the two of us.


On Sunday morning, a few of the We Blog North girls and I had organised a surprise baby shower for our good friend Holly. We went to Tea Hive in Chorlton and it was a great morning. She had some lovely presents to open and the food was great. Next time we see her she’ll have a little baby and I can’t wait!

What have you been up to this week? 



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