Weekly Love #46

November 20, 2017

It’s finally happened – I’m actually starting to feel festive (maybe still too early for some of you). I think the mixture of going down to London with doing some Christmassy posts on here has definitely sped things up, and there are lots of exciting things to come which I’m looking forward to sharing with you all.

But before that happens, I’ll talk about everything I was loving last week.

1. Jake Shoes Launch

There’s been a lot of local buzz around the newly opened Jake Shoes in Altrincham for the past couple of weeks, and I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch on Monday evening. It was a really fun event with some people I knew, and some that I didn’t, and I even won a free pair of flip flops – shame its November and I live in Manchester!

2. Carmex

This week I bought myself a new Carmex after losing mine a few months ago. As someone who suffers from chapped lips all through the year, I find its one of the only things that helps them, plus its strawberry flavoured, which makes it even better.

3. Home Cooking

This week has felt like such a wintry week, which is one of the reasons I’ve been craving home cooking so much. We managed to whip up sweet potato and chickpea pies midweek and spent Friday evening throwing different spices in a pan to make a curry, which was delicious. I’m definitely enjoying cooking a whole lot more.

4. Lunch At My Parents

On Thursday lunchtime, I nipped to my Parent’s house, which is around the corner from where I work, to have lunch with them. It’s always nice to be able to catch up with them in the week now I no longer live there, and the free lunch was even more of a treat.

5. Self Care Night

I’m not sure whether its the cold weather, or my mental health taking a bit of a battering in the last couple of weeks, but its made me into a bit of a hermit, which I am a-ok with. On Thursday evening I was feeling a bit down in the dumps so I decided to have a bath, put on a facemask and just relax without having to think about anything and it was pure bliss.

6. Ren Samples

When I saw my Mum during the week, she gave me a couple of Ren skincare samples that she had from a recent order. One of them was a scrub and the other was a mask, both of which I’ve tried and have really enjoyed. Ren is one of those brands that I never gravitate to in the shops, but one that I really enjoy using when I get round to it. I might treat myself to a cheeky pre-Christmas order.

7. London 

On Saturday, I went to London to see my friend Louise as a pre-birthday celebration. We ate at Cereal Killer Cafe, got lost in Seven Dials and went to Winter Wonderland which made me feel so festive. I love visiting London, and it was really nice to not be down there for work and be a tourist.

8. Festive Day

Following on from the festive-feel of my London trip, I had a couple of blog posts to write for brands on Sunday which meant that I spent most of the day in Christmas jumpers, doing Christmassy things – including getting my first hot chocolate from Costa in a festive cup.

What have you been loving over these last few days? 


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