You Ain’t Ever Going To Burn My Heart Out

May 26, 2017

I chose to write this post after a few days reflecting on what happened in my home city of Manchester.

I’m sure you all know by now the atrocities that happened in the city on Monday evening and share with me a heavy heart knowing that something so horrible happened and so close to home.

I spent most of Monday night searching for updates on Twitter after hearing from my friend Hannah that she had just heard a bang from opposite her flat. At first, I prayed it was nothing serious; there were reports all over Twitter saying that a speaker had exploded at the Ariana Grande concert, but once I heard the word bomb, I couldn’t sleep.

Throughout the night I was searching for updates, but because there were different outlets saying completely different things, it was hard to get the whole story until the morning. I always thought that Manchester would be spared from all the atrocities going on around the world; call me naive if you like.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, we have had to grow up in a time where terrorism is a real threat to our everyday lives and it’s an unnerving thought. In the last few years, I can remember countless acts of everyday people losing their lives for doing nothing wrong, and it makes me so sad to think about.

I, for one, will never understand terrorism. It makes me sick to my stomach to know there are extremists out there who want innocent people to die, especially those with their whole life ahead of them.

If I’m being honest about how I feel about this whole thing, the only word I can think of is flat. It’s made me feel so helpless and low that this kind of thing could happen a) in general b) to children who were enjoying their favourite artist and c) somewhere I have been many times, in an area I walked through not only 2 months ago.

I feel as though there is only one way to deal with things like this – live your life how you always have, be cautious where necessary, but enjoy your time on earth. It’s scary to think that you’ll never know when your time might be up, so don’t spend it sweating the small stuff. Be thankful for all of the beautiful people around you who make you who you are and make your life so amazing.

In the last few days, I’ve been reading stories of heartache, agony, and loss, but also of undeniable courage, heroism and togetherness as we try to come to terms with what has happened to our great city. I have been so proud knowing that the city I call home, has such a beautiful spirit and incredible people who have all come together in a time of need.

“Manchester is a city, that thinks like a town, and feels like a village.” 

If this last year has taught me anything it’s that life is too short: It’s too short to hold grudges, not appreciate everything you have, to worry about money, not to take that holiday you’ve been dreaming of, to be in a job you don’t like.

Go and do the things that make you happy, because being happy should be your number 1 priority.



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  1. Love this post and love you! xxx

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