Artisan, Manchester

March 31, 2017

Artisan is one of those restaurants that just oozes cool. As soon as you walk through Spinningfields to it, it just looks really impressive and intriguing. Taking pride of place on The Avenue, the restaurant itself looks as big as it’s neighbour, but in fact spans across the whole first floor as well.

When you walk in through the ginormous glass door there is a bar downstairs, which in itself is quite big, but the restaurant is up another flight. The whole vibe of the place is quite industrial which is obvious when you get to the reception desk – a wooden table on a metal framework. The front of house staff will then lead you across a glass walkway where you can see The Avenue below and into the restaurant.

One of the things I love about the decor is the red festoon lights, huge lampshades, exposed brick and yellow neon signs dotted about – it reminds me of a trendy restaurant you would get in Brooklyn or something along those lines (not that I’ve ever been). Another thing I really like as well is the fact that the kitchen is all open plan so you can see the chefs at work. (The toilets are also pretty cool!)

We were seated by the friendly staff member and our waiter came over to introduce himself. He asked if we were looking at having cocktails (which obviously we were…) and recommended a grapefruit and berry, which Hannah ordered, and I had a strawberry and apricot crush.

After taking a few too many instagrams of the cocktails in our hands, on the table, on the edge of the table, together and separately, we had a look at the food menu. Because it was 40% off, we decided to go a bit crazy and order lots of different dishes and share – which is one of my favourite things to do going out for dinner.


I’ve eaten at Artisan a couple of times in the past – once on a Saturday lunchtime and once at brunch, and the food was great both times, so I knew to expect a good meal.

The food came within about 10-15 minutes which I was pretty impressed with. We went for a pepperoni and chorizo flatbread (which was basically a delicious pizza), baked camembert with potato crisps, a trio of salads and fries. I was really impressed with the quality of the food and the dishes were innovative in their own ways. If you were like us and unsure what to order, I would definitely recommend trying a few different dishes.

After the food, we opted for another cocktail instead of a dessert (I know, there’s a first for everything) but the menu looked lovely with a mixture of fruity ones with classics such as sticky toffee pudding and brownies. For the second cocktail, we both ordered the grapefruit and berry because I was getting major cocktail envy after the first.

If you can get yourself there on a Monday evening, the food is 40% off, which is a great deal in my eyes. They also have a free photobooth (which we may have forgotten about in our tipsy state) and you can win a bottle of champagne for your next visit.

I normally find it hard to motivate myself to go out on a Monday evening, but I really enjoyed starting off the week with an evening out filled with good food and drinks.

View Artisan’s website here


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