Weekly Love #13

April 3, 2017

Happy April everyone!

April is one of those months that I really look forward to. It’s the start of the evenings being lighter, better weather and the countdown to summer has begun.

This weekend was a good weekend in the UK weather-wise, and I just feel as though that puts everyone in a good mood.

And on that note, this is what I’ve been loving…

1. Wedding Countdown

Monday the 27th officially marked the 2-month countdown until one of my closest friends walked down the aisle. The wedding has come around so quickly, and I’m so excited for the big day. We’ve still got the hen do to Ibiza to look forward to as well later this month which I’m really looking forward to.

2. Ikea Trips

On both Monday and Saturday evening (yes, you read that right) I went to Ikea with my Mum and Jordan. I might have had to lie down on the back seat being crushed with a very weighty wardrobe, but we found lots of bits that we needed, which is always something to put a smile on your face (although not so much my bank account…) and now I have a place for all my crap!

3. Byron

On Wednesday evening we had an event with work on Deansgate in Manchester City Centre. After the seminar, I was enlisted to chose where we went for dinner. As I hadn’t been in a while, I thought Byron would be a good choice for the four of us, and it didn’t disappoint. I had the Korean special, the Kimcheese. and a chocolate brownie for dessert. A great way to spend a weekday evening!

4. Gin Festival

Me and a group of friends went to the Gin Festival at Victoria Baths on Thursday for a night of lovely gin cocktails, food and chats. I went to Victoria Baths for the first time back in February for their Valentine’s Day showing of ’10 Things I Hate About You’ and fell in love with the venue – so when the Gin Festival rocked around, I knew I had to go back. If you’ve known me for a while, you may think that gin isn’t really my drink, and to be honest, I’ve always been a vodka girl – but after sampling so many different gins and having different mixers with them, I’m a convert! Plus I’m a fan of anything that can get me Thursday night tipsy, without waking up with a hangover. I’ll 100% be back next year!

5. Salon Launch

On Friday night, my auntie’s new salon had its launch party in Alderley Edge. The salon (called Cheshire Beauty if you want to hit them up) has been going for a while as The Nail Rooms, but has since had a bit of a revamp. It was really lovely to catch up with her, my uncle and my Nan and see all the treatments they have available. I’ve already got my eye on a spray tan before I go to Ibiza…

6. Catch Up Drinks

I had the day off on Friday to get some house things done, but they took a back seat when I got a text off an old friend visiting from Dubai, saying he was around my area. I could only meet up for a couple of hours before we had a joiner coming round (yep, this is my life now…) but it was great to catch up, and we managed to meet back up after I got back from the salon launch. Sometimes it feels like no time at all has passed when you see old friends, and I love that.

7. Sunny Saturday

As I stupidly managed to break a light bulb all over the landing on Saturday, I thought the best thing to do would be to get outside and have a glass of wine to calm my nerves after the ordeal. I met up with my friend Laura for a drink at Volta in Didsbury and it was such lovely weather that we sat outside and soaked up the sunshine. Saturday’s are definitely better with a glass of Malbec in hand.

8. Makers Market

On Sunday. I stupidly took the wrong turning off the motorway back to my parents and ended up on my way to Knutsford, which was actually a blessing in disguise because the Maker’s Market was on. We had some lunch and a fresh lemonade and a walk around stroking all the cute dogs, which was definitely better than wasting time in the retail park (although we still went there afterwards…)

9. House Update

Although we are rapidly coming up to our overdraft limits (note the plural…) I feel as though this weekend was really productive in terms of getting little things for the house that we’d ordinarily forget to buy – like a bottle opener for the housewarming! After a weekend of DIY, too many bruises and giving in and buying a drill, the house is actually coming together quite nicely and is starting to feel like home. We should have everything up and be moved in by this weekend which I’m really excited about!


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2 responses to “Weekly Love #13”

  1. I love this weekly update, your trip is Ikea looked like it was a lot of fun. I'm gutted I missed the gin festival in Manchester, it sounds like you had a great time.


  2. Diane says:

    What a busy week! It must be so satisfying getting your new home all ready! It took all my strength not to immediately redecorate everything when I bought my house last year. My bank balance certainly slowed me down too! Hope your next week is just as great! 🙂 x

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