Three Ways To Renew & Refresh In The New Year

December 1, 2018

The new year is well on it’s way, and offering us all hope for it. 2018 might have brought you fabulous memories, or maybe ones you would like to forget, but everything helps you grow as a person.  No matter the content of the year you’ve experienced, it can be well worth it to consider the art of renewing and refreshing as soon as 2019 hits. There’s something about the cold crispness of winter that can help us adapt to this mindset especially with the blossoming beauty of Spring just around the corner, which excites me greatly. 

Some might name these as ‘new year’s resolutions,’ but those are often easy to break and forget about. Instead, I wanted to talk about a few methods you can take to revive your mindset and body, to help you adapt to a new year of life content to experience. 

New Supplement

I know a lot of people roll their eyes when it comes to taking supplements, and I’ve been one of those people in the past, but it is true what they say; trying new dietary supplements can give you more of a lease of life. You might decide to supplement with Vitamin B6 and magnesium, which is known to reduce lethargy and improve cognitive functioning. It might be that this could help you wean off the caffeine, which most people understand as something important to do, myself included.

Perhaps you could reap the benefits of sourcing mineral replacement concentrates such as the use of Fulvic Acid, which provides dense vitamins and minerals usually lost when vegetables are repeatedly and forcibly toiled through a patch of soil, as is often the case for many of those food items offered in our supermarkets. Supplements can matter and count. Consider all of these option by browing a UK CBD superstore.

Have a think about what you may be lacking, and try to keep on this schedule for the new year. You can never be too sure as to how beneficial this might be.

Giving More To The Community

Giving more to the community around you is something that can not only help significantly, but can fill you with a sense of pure service that is often important to try to live up to your most admired virtues. Volunteering at a charity shop even a few hours a week, engaging with a program or starting your own, or simply opening up about the challenges you’ve faced on a blog could help you connect with people who truly care, and need something to push them forward in a positive light.

This is something I’ve been consdiering for some time now, especially after seeing the homelessness crisis in Manchester. A great life is not defined by what you get, but how you give. 

Don’t Be afraid to speak your mind

I have quite a lot of plans for the new year for this blog and where I want to take my side hustles, and some of that is writing a few controversial posts that I’ve been worried about posting this year: The truth is, I sometimes do shy away from speaking my mind in the worry that it might offend or upset someone. In all honesty, I’m still worried about speaking my mind a bit more next year, but I hope it will resonate with a few people and become easier and easier.

I just want a chance to be truer to myself and make a few changes that will hopefully carve out some new and exciting paths. Watch this space…

With these simple tips, refreshing in the new year is sure to be perfect for you.

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