Weekly Love #60

March 5, 2018

I know everyone has been saying this, but where is this year going? One minute it’s Christmas, and now it’s somehow March? I’ll be getting married before I know it!

This week has been crazy busy, but as always, there were things that I was loving that kept a smile on my face!

Sushi Lunch

On Tuesday lunchtime, I went over to my parents for lunch, and my Mum very kindly treated me to some sushi from a place local to their house. It felt very fancy having it for a random occasion, but it was delicious and I will definitely be going back soon!

Kindness Of People

I, unfortunately, had a bump in my car on Thursday which now means it is undrivable for the next week or so. Once I had had the accident, a few people from different houses came to see if I was ok, and they all offered to take me in until I could get a lift. I wasn’t expecting people to be so lovely (especially seen as I had to abandon my car outside their house for a few hours) but it really lifted my spirits to know that there are people out there who will lend a helping hand.


Although the snow was a bit of a ball ache this week for getting around, I did actually really enjoy a bit of a late winter wonderland (even if Timehop did remind me that 5 years ago I was sat in a beer garden with sunglasses on and a dress!) as it made everything look so beautiful and it was really calming to watch.


On Wednesday, our whole company had a presentation in Manchester, which meant we finished at lunchtime to make our way in. My team decided to go to HOME cinema in Manchester for something to eat as our manager recommended it. I had the tandoori mackerel pizza and it was one of the best ones I’ve ever had – so different, yet amazing!


After the car mishap on Thursday, I was in no mood to be having something good for tea, and instead, Jordan and I ordered pizza from our favourite place as a bit of a treat to cheer me up. We don’t get that many takeaways so it does always feel fancy when we do, and who can say no to pizza!?

Homemade Lasagne

As we’re trying to save as much money as possible for the wedding, and I was feeling a little under the weather on Saturday, we took the opportunity to make a homemade veggie lasagne for dinner, and it was delicious! I’m really getting into cooking more and I’m really enjoying it!

Sunday Lunch

I was invited to try the Sunday lunch menu at The Botanist in Didsbury as part of a project I’m working on them with, so I organised it for this weekend. I broke being veggie for the day and had the chicken roast with a side of cauliflower cheese and I would 100% go again – it was amazing!

Seeing Family

After the Sunday lunch, I went over to my Nans to see her, my Mum and my other Nan for a cup of tea and a catch-up. I love spending time with my family and hearing what they have been up to, and it was lovely to see everyone at the same time. My family is so important to me.

Booking Our Videographer

One of the things that a lot of people have told me they regret not having at their wedding was a videographer, and it was something I was always thinking about since being engaged. I’m a big lover of looking back on photos, but there’s nothing like a video to relive your big day again. I spoke to a couple of recent brides from work, and got their recommendations, and we booked ours this week!

What have you been loving this week? 


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  1. Amanda says:

    Timehop can be so brutal like that can’t it!? And I just love the Botanist! x

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