26 Things I Learnt in 2016

January 1, 2017

1. No one texts anymore. Except your Nan. And even she uses iMessage.

2. Car chargers are an absolute life saver for commuting home after scrolling through Instragram for so many hours that your battery has gone from a hefty 72% to the deathly red bar, in the space of one afternoon.

3. Your career doesn’t define you. There are so many other elements to you as a person than just saying, ‘I work in Marketing, I work in Retail, I work in Finance’. Embrace the other areas of your life too and never forget about balance.

4. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Whether you don’t know your right bra size, which train platform to be on, or how to parallel park properly. People are kinder than you think.

5. The education system fails to teach you important things like how to budget, how to buy a house or what to do if you crash your car. But at least I know how to do a cross stitch and what the capital of Luxembourg is.

6. Nothing makes you feel better than having savings in the bank each month just smiling back at you. Hi there you!

7. Cook books, photo frames and cushions are some of the best presents you will ever receive.

8. The overwhelming thoughts of ‘oh god what am I doing with my life’ are completely legitimate and don’t mean you are some kind of over-obsessing moron. You are, in fact, quite normal.

9. Recruitment consultants pester you a lot.

10. Your friendship group will change year in, year out, but the real ones stick close by.

11. It’s definitely ok to have Rightmove as your most visited website, rather than knowing when the ASOS sale starts. (I’ll give you a clue, it’s probably the week after you bought that new skirt)

12. You need to keep challenging yourself to grow as a person and not get bored in life. Whether that means a change of job, moving to another city or packing up your life and going travelling. Be scared once in a while: It’s good for you.

13. Some of the best places to visit are right on your doorstep (or maybe a two hour drive away…) but definitely reachable within a weekend.

14. Making the perfect poached egg takes many years of practise.

15. Guys will never understand how much of an effort washing your hair, taking your makeup off or perfecting your cat eye look is.

16. Sometimes the best weekends are the ones with no plans.

17. Without iPhone notes, most people would struggle big time.

18. Carrying hand cream doesn’t make you an old woman, but a super-swish hand goddess (who struggles to hold anything for longer than a couple of seconds).

19. Time does not heel all wounds, no matter how many times people repeat it to you. Don’t ever feel pressured by others.

20. High-waisted jeans are an absolute godsend. Goodbye Christmas gut. Ain’t nobody got time for you.

21. Everything tastes better with avocado.

22. Your mental health is just as important as your physical, and you should never feel like you are alone. They’ll be more people than you think going through something similar.

23. It’s totally ok to not know what number 1 is, and to not have done for a good few years.

24. If you have an iPhone, chances are you will crack the screen a good 8 billion times and have to sell a kidney or take out a loan to pay for it.

25. Clearing out your makeup collection and cleaning your brushes could be someone’s full time job.

26. Nothing can prepare you for all the crap that life is going to throw at you. Some expected, some not; surround yourself with the best people.


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6 responses to “26 Things I Learnt in 2016”

  1. Tori M says:

    I love these! Especially everything tastes better with avocado…yum!!
    Tori | http://www.torisworld.com

  2. 'Be scared once in a while, it's good for you' this is me right now. I loved reading this, so many points spoke to me. It's great one to kick start the year with! 💕Xxx

  3. Thanks Charlotte! I think people get so comfortable in their lives, and never get excited by something new, which is so important to grow as a person! 🙂 Xxx

  4. Zekalin says:

    Definitely agree with number 2, career doesn't define a person at all.


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