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April 26, 2016

Last Wednesday evening, I was invited by Revolution on Deansgate locks (if you’re from the North West you’ll know where I mean..) to sample their new menu. The lovely PR said I could bring a couple of friends and that it was to sample their new summer menu. For a bar I am a big fan of the food at Revolution, and spent many a Monday whilst a student, tucking in to their 50% off food offer, pretty much every week (alternating to the same offer at Slug & Lettuce…) so I was more than happy to go along! Also, last month when me and Jordan were in York, we got a little bit carried away sitting outside (under the heater, it is me…) and enjoying the happy hour in the sunshine!

Although it was a lovely springy, warm evening on Wednesday, we did opt for a table inside and were greeted by the lovely Lauren who was our waitress for the evening. When we first walked in, we all commented on how different the restaurant looked to the last time we had been there (which was a good few years ago) but it was lovely and bright inside with exposed brick everywhere, and had a real modern vibe to it, not like the vodka bar I remember so many times falling out of after too many shot sticks! The tables were wooden and perfect for flat lays (lol cringe) and the booths had pink leather seats and there were mirrors and photos all over the walls. If you’re ever in Manchester, I would definitely recommend it – it doesn’t feel like the other bars that you would find on the locks either… again if you’re from the North West, you’ll know what I mean!

Lauren sat us down and told us that as we had been invited, we could have three courses and two cocktails each, which was music to my ears! For the first round of drinks, I went for a blueberry mojito which was lovely and fresh and made me feel like it was actually turning into summer instead of the 5-degree weather of the week before, and now for that matter. Then for starters, we shared three small plates which were grilled chicken skewers, halloumi and goats cheese bonbons – and the plates they came on were ultimate goals. The starters were a good size for us all to share, but there was also so many more dishes I wanted to try, so you could definitely opt for a tapas-style meal if you wanted, which would be a nice way to try more of the menu!

For the main I was between steak and chips, a pizza or ribs, but instead went for a blackened chicken burger with my favourite, sweet potato fries! The burger itself was really lovely and I had it with the Vesuvius hot sauce they recommended as well as their special ketchup, which was made with blueberries and was lovely and fruity, but still tomatoey (yes I know tomato is a fruit…) but yeah, try this if you’re ever there! And then I obviously had my favourite, an espresso martini which I had previously sampled at the York restaurant (not that I remember it…) AND it had popping candy sprinkled on top!

Now lets talk about the puddings… Oh sweet lord they were good! Like we did with the starter, we decided to have a few different ones between all of us which was the best thing to do EVER. We had a salted caramel fondue with bananas, strawberries, marshmallow and dough sticks for dipping (my mouth is actually drooling right now…) a take on french toast with sweet sourdough (I know, confusion central) and in between it was Nutella and marshmallow fluff (the posh stuff you get in jars in Selfridges) sandwiched together with a berry sauce, and a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream. But even if you don’t go to Revolution for three courses, you HAVE to go for the desserts. Your life basically depends on it! I’m even considering driving to my nearest one right now just for the desserts but oh no I can’t because it’s April and it’s snowing and no one can drive in the snow and I’m lazy. But maybe next Monday when its 50% OFF I will take a trip there to ease my cravings!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post. I am going to try and review more of the restaurants that I go to, to give you a taste of whats out there and prices, choice etc. If you want to check out the revolution menu, you can find it here and I would highly recommend it!

See you all next time! xxx

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3 responses to “Food | Summer Love Stories”

  1. elizabeth says:

    Oh my goodness, the food here looks absolutely heavenly! I love the pretty theme as well with the dainty plates, it looks an amazing place 😀 also, your hair is the most beautiful thing! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. It was lovely! I would definitely recommend it 🙂
    You're too kind!! xxx

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