We all know that females are a force not to be reckoned with at the best of times, but here are some of the things that we do, that guys will just never understand…

1. Have our mouths wide open when we apply mascara. I know I’m not the only one who does this, but seriously, what is that about?

2. Moan that we’ve put on weight, missed the gym for the last week, yet be found eating Nutella from the jar an hour later; and for your sake, just don’t mention it.

3. Constantly lose their keys/phone/purse in the monster that is ‘the handbag’.

4. Revert back to childhood with a dinner made up of potato smileys, fish fingers and beans… all the belly love.

5. Take 4378 selfies, just to get one ok looking one that we’ll inevitably never use for anything.

6. Instagram filters.

7. Talk to their friends on 4 different social media platforms at once.

8. Have the world’s amount of emotions at any one time.

9. Get annoyed when you don’t show us enough love on text, then reply saying ‘k’

10. Ask to put a film on, then fall asleep 10 minutes later.

11. Have 83 pairs of shoes for different occasions.

12. Own hundreds of cookbooks but still not be able to put a meal together and order a takeaway instead.

But don’t you love us hey? x

I had no plans to write this blog, but I heard something on newsbeat today when I was driving home about a girl who had passed away from a blood clot, caused by her contraceptive pill, and it really got me thinking about how dangerous contraceptives can be, and how we are not always given the full story about what we are pumping our bodies with on a daily basis. The majority of us have probably taken the pill at some point in our life, and I’m sure generations will continue to take it after us, and I definitely haven’t had an easy ride when it comes to contraceptives.

I read this blog from Hannah Gale a few months back, and although I do not applaud her friends for ‘risking’ having a baby, I can see where they are coming from. When I first decided to go on the pill at 16, there were some risks that I had to come to terms with before I chose the one that is right for me. Without going into too much detail (I’m sure many of us know this anyway) there are two types of pills that a girl can take – the combined pill and the mini pill (progestogen-only). As there was a history of deep vein thrombosis in my family, I had to have a series of blood tests to see whether I could in fact have the combined pill with no complications at all, or whether it would make more sense to explore the other routes available. Whilst I waited to see what the doctor suggested, they put me on Noriday and see how my body reacted to it as I was also prone to migraines.

A few months later I went for my blood pressure and all round check-up and everything seemed to be as it should be so I carried on with the mini pill for a few more months (or so I remember, it was almost 9 years ago…. wow, old) As most of my friends were on Microgynon, I thought why not try it seen as they had told me at the doctors that I would not have any problems if I were to go on the combined pill, and hey two pregnancy stopping hormones are better than one! So I proceeded with the ‘evil pill’ as I now call it. For those who don’t know, Microgynon works by taking it daily for 3 weeks, and then having a ‘pill-free week’ where you get your period (sorry if you’re reading this boys!). But I had problems with this pill as I was getting a migraine every time I had my ‘pill-free week’ and as it isn’t recommended to take more than three months’ worth of pills in a row, I then had to come off it.

Having tried two or three more combined pills (all of which gave me severe migraines) I decided to go back to square one with my trusted Noriday. By this point, I’m pretty sure my body hated me so much and carried on giving me migraines as a punishment for being so curious with my birth control in the first place… So I had some more blood tests, did some research, and decided to go down the road of long term solutions. By this point I was 19, and in my first year at Nottingham Trent and obviously not thinking of a baby any time soon. Although switching doctors was a bigger hassle than it needed to be, the staff at my new clinic were all lovely and really knew what they were talking about. After speaking to a nurse for about 45 minutes, she said the best thing for me would be the contraceptive injection. Boy was she wrong…

A couple of weeks after having my first injection (you were meant to have one every 12 weeks) I had put on about half a stone, and my hair was coming out in clumps. At the time I thought I was just over-eating as a coping mechanism for being unhappy at university, and that my hair was falling out because of stress and not having the best diet, but after moving home, and joining the gym, the weight just wouldn’t shift and my hair continued to shed (not my finest look…) For months I didn’t put two and two together that it could be my contraceptive that was giving me the problems – I wasn’t having migraines, so for the first time I thought my body was ready to forgive me! Then one day after work, I remember googling the name of the injection, Depo-Provera I believe, and there were so many forums of teenage girls, and girls in their early 20’s who had all had the same problems that I had which is when it finally clicked.

The next day I went to the doctors and told them about the problems I was having. By this point I had had about 3 injections, and although that may have not been enough time for my body to adjust to the new hormones swimming around my veins, they did believe that the hair loss and weight gain were due this. They sent me for some more blood tests to ensure this was the real reason, but they advised me not to have any more. The annoying thing about that was it took my body about another 8 weeks to get back to normal after the last injection had worn off. So all in all, I had more problems for just under a year, and what a year that was!

Obviously, this whole blog post is related to me, and my body and health and it is important to remember that everyone is different. I know girls who have been on the combined pill for almost 10 years, and people who have never tried anything. It completely depends on what is right for you. Because of my history of migraines, and all the problems I had during my quest to find contraceptive, my nurse advised me to try a mirena coil (or IUS), which I won’t bore you with, but you can find more details here. Although the initial stage hurt like a b****, I have had no problems for over 4 years, which for someone with my past, was so god damn refreshing!

This post may have been an absolute overshare of my life, but I think it is important for young girls, actually girls of any age for that matter, to really know their family history and be aware of what they are pumping into their body. And if the pill isn’t right for you, there are definitely other options available. You just have to ask. Some doctors are reluctant to talk about other options because it costs the NHS more, and Microgynon is the cheaper alternative, but there are other options that don’t involve a trip to your local GP.

Although I was very lucky to be told early on about my family history of blood clots, I think it is important for girls to get blood tests before they take anything, just to make sure. Unfortunately there has been a young girl who has lost her life, and this has really opened my eyes to how beneficial it was to have my family behind me. Maybe some girls are right in hedging their bets in the baby making process to not take the pill. Could the risk be better than pumping our bodies full of chemicals that counteract the sole purpose of having sex in the first place?

Every girl is completely different. Something that doesn’t work for me, might be the best option for you. Remember, I am not a doctor! x

I’ve noticed a lot of people on my Twitter and Instagram are coming to the end of their studies, and although it makes me feel like I grew up in the Stone-age (or the late 00’s if you will) I thought I would compile a list of what I have learnt in the almost three years that I have been out of education. And on that realisation, before I burst into tears about how much I miss being a student, let’s jump right in.

1. You find that the only jobs out there seem to require at least 2 years experience, and a degree, and the spells to get into Hogwarts and instructions on how to finish a rubix cube in less than 30 seconds and your application to be on this year’s Apprentice.

2. Job applications take up a lot of time, and you start to wish you’d applied whilst you were still studying, but hey… it’s not like they told you to do that or anything… oh wait.

3. You will constantly refresh your emails hoping for someone, anyone to give you an interview or at least a recognition of your 23768th application.

4. And when you do finally get an interview, you will overthink the whole thing entirely and decide you’d rather do a masters then actually get a job.

5. If you don’t get the job at the end of the whole process, you will take it so personally that you pretty much think you have a problem with being in social situations, when in fact you were probably just 1 of about 500 applicants.

6. You think screw it, I’m going to move to another city to only have that dream crashing down that you’ll just be in the same boat there. *Sigh*

7. You  move back in with your parents and wonder how the hell you did that for a good 18 years before you left for the real world of cheap vodka shots and hangover Tuesdays.

8. After a few weeks job searching, the only option you have really is to reward yourself with a holiday where you picture yourself never coming home.

9. You realise new clothes are not essential when you’re scraping the barrel to afford to eat, but continue to buy the odd Starbucks to instagram. Priorities and all…

10. You begin to wonder how you can be the next Zoella to earn a living.

11. You wonder whether you can read your CV any more times without wanting to gauge your eyes out.

12. You cringe over what you write in your covering letter. Sure that shift I did at the union bar helped me to gain valuable experience in the public sector.

13. You start to lose faith in whether going to University was worth it.

14. You even consider the move to the big smoke, but on looking at the cost of renting a room in a 14 bedroom house, you think again.

15. And then BAM, just when you weren’t expecting it, you get the phonecall. YOU GOT THE JOB!

16. You start to count down the days till the weekend. Every. Single. Week. Ah life…

As beautiful as the countryside is, it’s cities that tend to hold a lure for travellers. After all, cities are the heart of civilization and tend to provide the most comprehensive experience for a visitor. There are plenty of stunning English cities to explore, but have you ever let your mind wander a little further afield?

As a Brit, it’s more than likely that you want to visit the USA. American culture is such a dominant influence on British life that, eventually, the travel bug hits, and you want to see the country for yourself. One of the classic ways of visiting the USA is to take a road trip.

What if you could combine the above two facts: the fact that cities are the most exciting place for a traveller to visit, and that the USA is best experienced by road? The USA is so vast, surely it’s not possible to visit three big-name, familiar American cities on one holiday?

It absolutely is. Here’s how.

FLY TO: Detroit

Image source

Everyone has heard of Detroit, but it holds a particular place in the heart of fans of Motown music. Detroit is the home of Motown, making it well worth a pilgrimage if your Spotify playlist is full of the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and the Jackson Five.

Detroit is a great city to visit, and quite unlike anywhere else in the US. The Motown history is richly explored here, with the Motown Museum a must-visit for fans of the genre. You can also visit the acclaimed Detroit Institute of Arts, or enjoy a long walk along the incredibly picturesque riverfront.

There’s plenty of accommodation to find in Detroit, and it’s more affordable than you might think. You can spend a few days here, before jumping into a hire car and heading for…

DRIVE TO: Indianapolis

Image source

The state capital of Indiana is another well-known US city, and there’s plenty to see and do here when you arrive. Talking of arriving, it’s worth noting that this is the longest travel time you’ll experience on this route; it takes around four hours to drive from Detroit to Indianapolis, but you can stop at Fort Wayne to stretch your legs and break up the journey.

When you arrive in Indianapolis, you can explore this fantastic city to your heart’s content.The White River State Park is gloriously tranquil, while the Mass Ave Arts District is a must-visit for culture vultures. You can spend a few evenings strolling along the Central Canal, which offers a range of pretty bridges that fans of architecture will love.

Again, there’s plenty of accommodation options in the city, from the Indianapolis Marriott North to hostels for those travelling on a budget. Enjoy Indy for a few days, then it’s back in the car for the last leg…

DRIVE TO: Chicago

Image source

Another great, well-known American city, Chicago is considered to be the USA’s “second city”. Just a three-hour drive from Indianapolis, Chicago is the last — but far from the least — stop on our route.

When it comes to things to do in Chicago, the choices are endless. You can explore the fantastic Navy Pier area, follow the Lakefront Trail, or climb the SkyDeck to see the city from above. There’s literally something for everyone in the Windy City.

You won’t be short on accommodation options, so spend a few days soaking up the city before heading to O’Hare International Airport for your flight home.


I know that some of my posts recently have had a foodie theme, well what can I say? Girl likes her food, and Italian food for that matter! I’ve decided to do this post in two parts, so welcome to part one, my review of the lovely Vapiano restaurant in Manchester’s Corn Exchange. If you take anything from this post (and don’t make it to the end) it’s basically that you HAVE to visit this place! It’s so bright and airy and the staff are lovely, and the food is incredible and yeah, I’m getting side tracked already and I’m getting hungry and basically NEED pasta right now to survive… Good start!

Anyway, last month, I was contacted by the PR agency of the restaurant after I had seen their #EatPastaRunFaster campaign popping up on Twitter and Facebook, which is basically a good way of healthily getting carbs into your diet, especially if you’re a gym-goer… but I will talk about that more in part 2!

I thought as I had been invited to try out the menu and this new concept of dining, that it would be the perfect place to have a reunion with my fellow blogger friends LilyPaula and Erin who I met at the Jet2 event at the end of March and are some of the loveliest girls ever! Lily also mentioned on her blog as well that it feels like we’ve know each other for years, and it really does! So us four bloggers went to get our carb-loading on, which was the best way to spend a Sunday evening in my opinion!

As the girls live all over the North, we met a little bit earlier than the meal was booked and went for a drink in Cosy Club which is becoming one of my favourite places to go in Manchester. I went for a watermelon ice tea, because I didn’t want to be the crazy twenty-something who drinks Prosecco by herself on a Sunday evening when everyone else is having soft drinks… No matter how much I wanted to be!

We made our way over to the restaurant for our booking, taking pictures and posing on the way and were greeted by the very friendly front of house team who took us upstairs to the main restaurant. From looking at the restaurant from outside, I had no idea how big it really was, and very light and airy.  The whole concept of the restaurant was also really interesting. Instead of having a waiter/waitress and ordering with them, you seat yourself, decide what food you want and go to the relevant station ie. starters/antipasti/pasta/pizza/risotto/desserts and order your food there whilst you wait, and they make it right in front of you. The restaurant itself originated in Germany, serves fresh Italian food and is a very quirky new concept which I think will catch on to more restaurants up North and in London. I’m one of those people as well who loves watching her food being made in front of her like a teppanyaki restaurant so this was right up my street. Plus, as I mentioned, I LOVE Italian food.

For a starter I had bruschetta, with the ripest and sweetest tomatoes known to man which was absolutely delicious. I was trying to wait for the other girls to get their starters in order to share, but ended up eating it all as it was just so. damn. good. (Soz girls!) For main I had the Gamberetti which was king prawns, tomatoes, spring onion, tomato sauce and fresh lemon, and again, was incredible. For dessert, we shared 4 between us which was a very rich chocolate slice, a honeycomb and cream sort of mixture, a baked cheesecake with a berry compote, and a nutella, cherry and cream one (99% sure those aren’t the correct names…) It would be a sin to go to this restaurant and not order dessert, just sayin’

I’m really privileged that we were able to experience the amazing food at Vapiano because it was seriously good and the whole experience and company was amazing. As I said, I will write a longer blog on the whole #EatPastaRunFaster campaign and the recipes I’ve been trying, I just firstly wanted to get the message across that this restaurant is definitely one to try if you’re ever in Manchester! And I will definitely be back!


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