This post comes as a result of yesterday’s migraine, and my body’s attempt to tell me to calm the f*** down and take a break…

I have suffered from migraines since I was 14 but they are very sporadic and have no real trigger; I can go a year without having one, or I can have 3 or 4 in a month. But this isn’t a post about migraines… it’s more of one to teach myself a lesson and stop getting so stressed about the little things.

With everything that’s happened this year, it’s fair to say that life has been more stressful than usual – these were things that were completely unexpected, life-changing and you guessed it, stressful to say the least. Stress is a funny thing because in all honesty you might not even know you are suffering, and then bam, you body flips out at you and encourages you to slow down. It’s no real surprise then that I have been suffering from migraines a lot more in the last few months than the past couple of years.

Sometimes as an adult it’s hard to take a break – we have limited days holidays, work 5 days out of 7, and so weekends feel wasted if we don’t cram-pack all the things into them that we can’t do Monday-Friday – that’s my way of looking at it anyway – but we also need time to regroup, relax and wind-down.

As a person, I have a very reactive temperament, meaning that if I get something in my head, I usually have to do it or research it straight away. I guess in a way its a coping mechanism to keep myself busy with suffering from anxiety, but it’s something I only really became aware of this year. Sometimes it can be apparent, but most of the time people won’t even realise it, and it’s something I’ve sort of self-diagnosed. To be quite honest, I’m not even sure if its a real thing, but understanding that side to my personality has helped me to become aware that sometimes I need to listen to my body.

You might be wondering how this links to being stressed, but in my eyes, if I didn’t have such a reactive personality, I probably wouldn’t wind myself up so much with unreachable, unattainable thoughts, therefore wouldn’t get as stressed, and here comes the 360… probably wouldn’t suffer from as many migraines.

It’s completely understandable for us to strive to have a perfect life, perfect relationship, perfect job, etc. we are constantly striving to update everyone else with the foolproof, instragrammed, social media-ready life that we are pretending to live, when in reality life isn’t perfect or beautifully filtered. But it’s what we’re used to.

Striving for perfection does not equal happiness. We need to cut ourselves some slack. Life is already hard enough as it is without getting worked up about things that you can’t control, and sometimes it’s ok to want to get away from it all – something we should never feel ashamed about.

We live in a world now where everything is so immediate. We can get the news instantly, get a taxi whenever we want, get food delivered 24/7 (that one being the main priority) yet sometimes all we really need is right there in front of us. We need to stop punishing ourselves for not being the best, because quite frankly, that’s not going to get us anywhere.

And in all honesty, we need to give ourselves a break. Whether its a night off, a weekend of country walks or a holiday. These little experiences help us to not completely lose our minds as twenty-somethings. Sometimes its good to step back, take some time, and remember that you are only human – needing to take a break from work life, social life or even just life in general does not make you weak – it helps you cope.


1. Having no shame when it comes to pulling your tights up in public.

2. Not wanting to name your first born daughter after the Queen Bee – even if it is the name of your boyfriend’s Grandma.

3. Being unable to look at a stick of concealer without remembering that makeup look.

4. Crying a little bit each morning that you actually have to get up and work instead of skipping first period for a lie in.

5. Wondering why everyone assumed you’d turn lesbian.

6. Not quite getting the sexual connotation with knee high socks.

7. Wishing you could still wear a uniform instead of having to think about your appearance.

8. Missing the days of only using a Max Factor compact and a pencil eyeliner.

9. Feeling a bit like a rebel that you were on report more than once.

10. Wanting nothing more than being able to see your bezzies every day.

11. Not feeling comfortable wearing a skirt that isn’t rolled up to your belly button.

12. Wondering how you managed to eat the same thing for lunch for 5 years.

People express themselves in different ways when they are dealing with grief. I have decided to write this poem to hopefully bring comfort to myself and my family, and anyone else who may also be going through a tough time.

Missing you every day x

What is a Granddad?

A Granddad is the someone,
The someone close to heart,
The greatest family member,
Whose been there from the start.

A Granddad is the best of friends,
Who always took your side,
He’d always smile and make you laugh,
When you’d really want to hide.

He’s been there as you’re growing up,
He held you from day one,
He squeezed you hand when you were scared,
He was the sun that shone.

He made your nan so happy,
A special kind of love,
He adored his family, oh so much,
And is watching from above.

His family meant to world to him,
It’s how he made us feel,
We’ll stay together, always close,
To help our hearts to heal.

He may not be here anymore,
But in the sky you’ll see,
The stars that shine from way up high,
And I’ll know that they’re for me.

We’ll miss you every day Granddad,
You’re always in our thoughts,
We know how much you loved us all,
And will forevermore.

And really you’re still with us,
Not in body, but in soul,
You’ll hold our hands through good and bad,
To keep our family whole.

So really what’s a Granddad?
There is no one true way,
To describe the love, that we felt,
On every single day.

So as we say our goodbyes here,
One day again we’ll meet,
So keep it warm up there for us,
And keep our hearts complete.


I love going on holiday, I mean who doesn’t right? But it’s one of life’s luxuries that I feel like I haven’t been able to enjoy in the last few years since starting to be a bit more meticulous with money. Don’t get me wrong, the longest I’ve been without a cheeky little city break is around the one year mark, which to most isn’t a long time at all and to be honest, I’m really lucky in the fact that I’ve been to some amazing places in my life.

I would never class myself as a travel blogger – I’m far from it – but one thing I do love is a good wish-list post, something to help me gather my thoughts and plan out some great destinations to try and visit in the upcoming years. I thought about calling this post xx places to visit before I’m 30, but that gives me less than 4 years (a thought that will now haunt me daily) to do so… but if anyone wants to hook a girl up with some cheap flights as an early Christmas present, be my guest!

1. Florence, Italy

I am a massive fan of anything Italian, be it the food, the architecture, or the fashion – I would even go as far to say that it might be one of my favourite countries I have ever visited in the past. In the last 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of going to Rome, Milan and Venice, and was utterly captivated by how beautiful Italy is; it’s literally just how you imagine. One of the places I have always wanted to go though is Florence from reading up on it and seeing friend’s pictures. To me, it looks like the absolute carb-lovers dream, which is me all over.

2. Manhattan, New York

This is a trick one because I actually went to Manhattan on a school trip back in lower sixth, but I loved it. We were only there for about 5 days, and I have always wanted to go back (plus since then I have watched all series of Gossip Girl and pretty much need to see where Blair and Chuck got married, and go on the Sex and the City tour). There is something really exhilarating and intoxicating about New York, and it’s something that a lot of bloggers have recounted from their trips. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been, but once you know, you know (how bloody cryptic of me!)

3. Sydney, Australia

I mean just look at that shot, who wouldn’t want to go to Sydney? I have Australian blood in me (my Nan is from there) so I feel as though it’s almost a right of passage that I make it to Australia in the next few years. I would like to do a bit of travelling if I ever got over there, as I know I have family spread all over the place, and as long as I don’t get stranded in the outback, I’m sure I’ll be ok… (but knowing me I’ll probably get stranded in the outback…) Everyone who I have spoken to has loved it from relatives to friends; it’s just the longgg flight that puts me off…

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Definitely on my list for Christmas time is the beautiful fairytale city of Prague. I have been blown away by the pictures of the markets and snow covered architecture, and personally, I could think of nowhere better to have a cheeky mug of mulled wine, wrapped up in a scarf. I have read amazing reviews of Prague, and people have raved to me about how cheap the alcohol is, which is always a bonus in my eyes.

5. Berlin, Germany

Fun fact, I have never been to Germany… I would love to go one year for Oktoberfest, but also to all of the War museums and memorials (I’m a bit of a history geek!) and the nightlife I’ve heard so much about. I could even give my GSCE knowledge of German a whirl!

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Quite a new addition to my travel wish list is the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen. There are a lot of articles out at the moment about the Danish way of life, why they always finish work on time, why they have free healthcare and education, and the Hygge outlook on life (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry I didn’t until about 3 days ago!) I personally just love the multicoloured building and the fact that I could eat pastries for every meal!

7. Mumbai, India

I couldn’t give you a very good reason as to why this has made it into this blog, but I have always had an urge to go to India, and in particular, Mumbai – I just think it would be such a different culture to be immersed in. The street art, the food, the markets all look so incredibly beautiful and I can only imagine what the food would be like.

8. Tokyo, Japan

Japan has always intrigued me, maybe because of all the Cat Cafes, but after hearing their stories of the kindness of the people and the overall way of life, I found myself with a sudden urge to get out there as soon as possible. (Oh and apparently the sushi is out of this world!)

9. Santorini, Greece

Here’s another fun fact, I’ve never been to Greece either! Santorini is full of instagram-porn, and I’m sure if you follow any blogger on there you will see a cheeky snap of blue seas and skies, and maybe even an ice cream held in the air against a white-washed wall. But I can’t blame them. Santorini is bloody beautiful, and with the way the UK summer’s go, I wouldn’t mind some real sunshine!

10. Krakow, Poland

Having been to a Polish festival during the summer of 2013, I know just how beautiful the country is and ever since I’ve just wanted to go back. The weather is great, the people are so friendly, and the beer is about £1! Krakow has been recommended time and time again and I think it’s about time I finally get round to going back to a country that holds some great memories for me!

11. Paris, France

Another cheeky one because I have actually been here before, but I always vowed to go back as it was only for a day on a school trip. Paris is just one of those cities that screams beauty and romance and incredible food, making it one of those destinations I’m desperate to get back to.

12. Seville, Spain

Growing up, I travelled to Spain a lot, but it is a country I haven’t seen much of. I’ve been to Barcelona and Madrid in the last few years but I would love to see more of what Spanish cities have to offer, and I think Seville would be a great place to start.

13. The Maldives

No explanation needed…


1. Hmm, did I even press print…

2. If I make a coffee now, I’m going to feel like a Starbucks barista

3. How many toilet visits is too many toilet visits?

4. Also, can I take my phone?

5. If I shut my eyes for a second, can I pass it off as thinking really really hard?

6. Will someone please open that bag of sweets. I WILL NOT CAVE FIRST

7. I know I’ve got lunch, but… bakery

8. Are people going to get annoyed if I bulk book my holidays into their calendars for the next 8 months?

9. Is someone going to answer that?

10. Is she pregnant or?

11. When is this meeting going to end…

12. What was I literally just working on?

13. Please, please don’t be a sales call, please don’t be a sales call. Crap…

14. Another meeting in the diary… fab

15.  I’m pretty sure my body is shutting down from lack of caffeine.

16. Can I eat this bread that’s 6 days out of date?


18. Ahh Friday again, you beautiful, beautiful being.