Planning Your Honeymoon To Fiji

December 27, 2018

This will be my last wedding-related post for 2018, and what better one to end on that talking about something really important to a travel-lover like me… the honeymoon. No matter how big or small you want to go, it is such an important time for you to get away and not have to worry about planning a wedding.

Our big day is creeping up so quickly now, and I can’t quite believe we’re only 3 months away now. I feel like everything is pretty much under control, but the one thing I’ve started to think about whilst I’ve had some time off over Christmas is where we would like to go on our honeymoon.

Planning The Honeymoon

A honeymoon is such a special time for you both to enjoy each other’s company, settle into married life and celebrate it being just the two of you. It’s probably going to be one of the most special holidays you’ll ever take as a couple, and for that, it needs to be planned meticulously to make sure all you do whilst you’re away is relax.

I know it’s popular now to do a ‘mini-moon’ just after you get married for a few days, and go away on a bigger holiday (when some of the wedding day has been paid off) later in the year; for us, this has worked out as the better option as it means we can use our annual leave better and save a bit more money to go somewhere amazing.

A Gorgeous Choice

If there is one place that is out of this world for your honeymoon, it’s got to be Fiji – think white sandy beaches, tropical climates and crystal blue waters, and then think a million times more special. Fiji honeymoons are the epitome of luxury, which you deserve after planning a wedding, which let’s face it, whilst amazing and fun on the day, isn’t the easiest job in the world.

Although it isn’t the closest place to get to, you can spend your days relaxing in an incredible 5-star hotel, or soaking up the rays on a boat tour or scuba-diving in a turquoise paradise, and you’ll be able to fully switch off knowing that home is but a distant memory… for a couple of weeks at least.

Alternative Honeymoons

Or if you’re a nature lover, rainforest honeymoons might be just what you’re looking for to do something different and out of this world that you’d normally never get the chance to. This is definitely something I’ll be looking into and I can’t think of a better, more captivating way to see this part of the world which is a complete contrast to rural Manchester!

Being able to discover wildlife on your doorstep or take a cruise through the wilderness, ending the night under the stars sounds like the perfect option for a honeymoon, and is something I never would have known about if I hadn’t researched it, so definitely make sure you spend the time doing just that to plan your perfect trip.

I hope this post has inspired you to look further afield if you are planning your honeymoon, and if you have any recommendations, then please send them my way.

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