Alternative Places To Visit In France

December 14, 2018

France is a country that holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I visited when I was younger, had family live there, went on my first skiing holiday, and it’s where Jordan and I got engaged last year. Usually, when someone says they’re travelling to France, they usually end up in Paris, but for good reason: the city is one of the most iconic places on planet earth and is packed full of different things to do. From historical sights, cultural museums and even Disneyland, there’s enough to do to spend a good chunk of time there.

But there are so many different places to explore in France other than Paris. Today I have rounded up three different French holidays that you could book for 2019.

Visit The Alps

Skiing isn’t something I massively enjoyed when I went, but I know it is such a popular sport for many, If you’re feeling adventurous or want to try something new, then visiting the Alps is definitely the perfect way to experience France from a whole new perspective.

There are loads of ski resorts that are extremely fancy and ideal for a cool winter holiday: Or if you’re a thrill-seeker, then head to the Mont Blanc region to start a little trek. You’ll find companies such as Global Adventure Challenges that set up charity events where you can trek through the French Alps with a group of people and raise money. It’s a brilliant way to see some fantastic views from up high whilst getting a proper adrenaline rush.


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Head to Monaco

Ok… maybe slightly cheating as Monaco isn’t part of France, but you catch my drift. Monaco itself is a small independent state on the French Riviera but isn’t a French city.

Monaco has been described as Europe’s answer to Las Vegas but a bit more high class. There are amazing casinos, yacht clubs, and a sense of royalty about every other person you see. It’s a great place for a relaxing beach holiday away from the typical tourist spots too and boasts some great weather.

Go wine tasting in Bordeaux

Who doesn’t like a glass of wine now and then? And even better when it’s from one of the best producers of the stuff. Some of the best wine in the world comes from France, and in particular, Bordeaux. The city itself is one of the most visited in the country and a great alternative to the capital.

Bordeaux is known as the wine capital of the world and you’ll soon see why when you’re there. You’ll find endless tasting classes where you can sip on some of the region’s finest offerings while enjoying a spot of French cheese and crackers.¬†There’s a lot more to enjoy as well – a beautiful river, some unique architecture and a lovely overall feel to the place.

I hope this post has encouraged you to visit some other areas in such a beautiful and vast country, and I’d love to know whether you have any other suggestions for me.

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