A Guide For Self-Care

November 19, 2018

Self-care is such an important topic at the moment, as we are living during a time of being over-worked and undervalued and often this can lead to long hours, and not putting ourselves first. Of course, you might have priorities to contend with such as a family you need to take care of, or juggling studying part time with your job, but self-care is important to be the best, shiniest version of yourself. 

2019 is coming up. This could be the year in which you truly develop your best self, by taking care of yourself. It’s hard to live up to your personal ambitions when you’re neglecting your needs, and even if you do you’ll be so exhausted that you can’t quite appreciate them for what they are. The guide to true self-care might seem like a lot to take in at first, but remember, no self-care is practical or applicable if you can’t take care of it frequently, and it should inform your daily schedule, not take away from it. 

1. Reflection

Giving yourself time to reflect on that which happens in your life is perhaps one of the easiest methods of giving yourself that very necessary time to grow. It will also help you process things that happen to you emotionally and intellectually.

I’d recommend starting your own journal, or even documenting your thoughts in a video diary. Sitting and meditating can be a great means to let your mind focus on the activity of concentration, which of course can sooth your mental state more than you think possible.

Spending time in reflection can help you tremendously, even if you’re not ‘productive’ by traditional standards. Simply giving yourself the time to step back from the pace of your life, even if it’s just fifteen minutes, can be a very big boost for your daily mood.

2. Social Good

It’s important to surround yourself with good people, people who care for you and whom you also care for. Don’t waste your time dealing with people who don’t respect you, who are self-abusing and who have a negative mindset. There is a common phrase that suggests ‘you are the summary of your five closest friends.’ To an extent this is true.

The people around us can influence us, just as we influence them so be sure that in every direction, positive energy is flowing. You need people who are happy being around you, and you them. You can’t waste your time on petty drama, on aggression, on stupidity. This isn’t to say if someone goes through a hard time you should leave, of course. But you can always tell if events seemingly follow a certain person due to their actions or if they’re a genuinely good person stuck in a hard place.

3. Stimulation

You need to stimulate yourself somehow in order to look after yourself. Heading to a boring job, coming home and watching terrible television, scrolling social media and then repeating the same thing day after day can lead you to feel like a little bit soulless.

Do something that stimulates you, and challenges you: This doesn’t mean you’re going to have to pick up quantum mechanics in order to feel challenged and out of your comfort zone, but it might be reading outside of your normal comfort zone, heading to the gym, starting a new hobby, or saying ‘hi’ to that person at the cafe you visit everyday can help your life take on extra color, and take you off autopilot.

That can do plenty to help you feel connected to the flow of your life, and always looking forward to the next adventure.

4. The Necessities

Of course, sometimes self-care is less about the smaller social aspects of your life, what books you’re reading and what philosophy you’re living with. Sometimes things are a lot more concrete and important than that.

You might be taking prescription medication for an ailment you have been living with for some time, or to resolve an issue that you are living with in a new context. It can be that sometimes, saving time collecting your prescriptions can ensure you never miss a day no matter what and cutting out the chore of your daily essential health can often mean it’s an absolute guarantee no matter what, and no matter your ability to leave the house. Autonomy in the small aspects can be much healthier for many people, and we must keep them in mind. Find out what options are available for you from here.

5. Managing Expectations

Managing expectations in your life can be a very healthy pursuit to manage. For example, if we focus on that we want all the time, we can often feel completely disjointed when it doesn’t pan out that way. If it comes true, we have ruined all surprise and potentially to actually enjoy the thing taking place.

In other words, work hard, stick close to those whom you love, and over time the general flow of your life will throw you around in different emotional directions with much less ferocity. This can be a great place to start in the eternal journey of self-care.

I hope these tips and tricks have encouraged you to think about ways in which to look after yourself and not feel guilty about taking time away from your hectic life to do so.

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