Blue Dot // An Alternative Festival For Lovers Of Science And Music

September 29, 2018

“An intergalactic celebration of music, science, arts, culture and the exploration of space.”

I wouldn’t class myself as a festival goer, in fact, I’m probably far from it, with only a handful under my belt (and most of them the kind where you can go home to your own bed) but there is something about Blue Dot Festival which completely intrigued me. You may or may not have heard of the festival, but I would imagine you are aware of Jodrell Bank, where it is held, and the infamous Lovell telescope, which can be seen from miles away.

As a festival that I could go home at the end of the night, one that promotes sustainability and a setlist of bands, old and new, it was ticking all the boxes… so when two of my blogging friends, Erin and Lily suggested that we go, I thought, why the hell not!

Today I thought I would round up all of the reasons that you should go to Blue Dot 2019 if you get the chance, as it really was like nowhere else I have been to before.

The Science

There’s no denying that one of the main ‘pulls’ of the festival is the science behind the venue, and this year was no different. Apart from being a stellar music festival, Blue Dot also ‘provides’ live science experiments, expert talks and immersive artworks.

One of the girls I was with at the festival is an astrophysics student and loved the mix of music and science that the festival offers and it is so different to the others that are out there.

The Sustainability

The other girl I was with is very into sustainability, which is another thing that Blue Dot offers, especially compared to other festivals out there. Blue Dot have taken upon themselves to implement ways to be fully sustainable including using LED festoon lights, to using a vast 15-acre wildlife refuge and minimising their waste and carbon footprint.

Although they do their part, another one of their missions is to teach their visitors about the fragility of planet earth and what we can do as human beings. Their initiatives include the choice to make a ‘carbon offset’ donation when you purchase your ticket to increasing their recycling offerings throughout the festival.

The Music

What is a festival without the music? And that is something that Blue Dot do very well. They always have an incredible lineup year after year, and this time it was no different. From unsigned bands to global superstars, the music is the thing that many flock to the festival for.

The year included The Chemical Brothers, Flaming Lips and Future Islands all which had amazing lighting shows to go with their show-stopping performances.

The Food

It’ll be no surprise that one of the main reason I go anywhere, is the food, and when I was told there were numerous different street food vendors, I was all ears. There are two different areas where you can get food, and a few more stalls dotted about, but it ranged from burritos and fajitas to vegan bowls and poké.

I went for a wood-fired pizza and a burrito during my time there, and both were delicious. Blue Dot also encourage the vendors to use recyclable materials and straws and provide all of the staff and vendors reusable water bottles.

The Atmosphere

It’s not often that you’ll get a festival that opens children with open arms, and that’s what makes Bluedot different. There were so many families there together, and so much for the kids to do and see that it made it a really lovely atmosphere.

There are, of course, adult only areas, such as the bars and Gin tents, which meant that there was a place to escape to if you needed to as well as an inflatable area, but you may have to elbow the children out of the way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about Blue Dot Festival and what it has to offer and how it is different to the others out there. I would highly suggest giving it a go next year.

My ticket for Blue Dot Festival was complimentary in exchange for coverage. All views are my own.

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