Wedding Talk // Telling The World The Good News

July 18, 2018

One of the questions I get asked most about our engagement is where did I say yes? And to be honest, it’s at the top of my list whenever anyone pops the question.

Was it in a restaurant, at home while enjoying a romantic home cooked meal together, was it at the top of a mountain after you both hiked up it for hours? Was it a surprise? Did you have an inkling? Or is your other half not great at keeping secrets?

Once your partner has got down on one knee as well and you’ve finally come to terms with it, who are the first people you want to tell? For us, we got engaged abroad and wanted to tell people face to face so waited until the end of our trip. For us, this was really nice as it allowed us to have time with just the two of us knowing about our engagement and it made it our own little secret for a couple of days which was lovely.

When we did get round to telling our family and friends about the good news, we weren’t sure how to go about it, but we did what felt natural to us. As there aren’t many customs on telling your nearest and dearest in the UK, we felt as though we owed it to these people to tell them face to face, and also keep it off social media for a few days. 

First The Closest

Some weddings have hundreds of guests, others just have a few dozens. Regardless of how many can actually make it to your wedding, you first need to contact those that mean the most to you. We decided to tell our closest family and friends face to face to see their reactions and because we wanted them to know how excited we were too. 

If you can’t get to people or they do not live in the same country, maybe give them a call or FaceTime so you can tell them as close to in real life as possible. Take it from me that they’ll want to know every detail – how the proposal went down, did you suspect anything and how you’re feeling. Showing human contact too means you really care about them and want them to know something very personal.

Tell your web

In today’s modern world, the way we get most of our information is via social media.  After you have spoken to all your loved ones and incredibly close friends, it’s time to tell the web of your friends. These people might be work colleagues you often hang out with after working hours, they might be people from your school or just friends that are a little more distant.

Here you can make it publicly known on your social media so you don’t have to contact everyone individually which saves a lot of time and effort when you want to start actually planning the wedding and getting on with the fun stuff about being a bride. We decided to wait until our anniversary (which was about 2 weeks after getting engaged) to tell the internet-world the good news. 

Make It Official

After you have shed a few tears of happiness and had a heart to heart with all your loved ones, now you can get to writing down the list of who you want to come to your wedding. It’s going to be a little difficult if you haven’t chosen your venue and location yet, so I would definitely get that booked first and foremost. Plus looking around venues is one of the most fun parts.

Once you do have a list, the invitation should be a mark of the theme or type of wedding you’re intending to have. Paper Themes have some great examples of the kind of invitation you may want. They’re formal and professional, yet they also are artistic enough to have unique designs and styles to suit every type of wedding. For something elegant yet subtle, the Regal Beauty wedding invitation with its gold foil motif and cream colour would fit the bill. You can also transcribe your own initials in the centre of the invitation to personalize it a bit. For something bold and subdued, the Royal Swirls invitation would be great. It’s a luxury pearl board and has a midnight coloured background with copper foil writing. It’s more of the classic style of the wedding if that’s what you prefer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this wedding post and its given you some food for thought if you are newly engaged. And if you are, congratulations! xx

How did you tell your loved ones? 


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