Travel // Preparing Your Car For A Summer Roadtrip

I’m sure you’ll know by now that travel is a bit part of my life, and even more so, this blog. This year I vowed to myself that I was going to spend more time in the UK, discovering places on my doorstep and further afield, and so far it’s going well.

With the train prices going up and up (and no longer falling into the ‘railcard’ age group, sob…) I tend to drive wherever we decide to go and it’s always nice to be in the comfort of your own car when travelling for a couple of hours.

I’ve rounded up some of the ways to make sure that your car is ready for your summer road trip.

Plan Plan Plan

I’m a stickler for organisation when it comes to road trips (and in my day to day life) so I always like to plan ahead. If we’re travelling on a Friday evening or Saturday, I try to check the traffic the same time the week before to see what it is going to be like when we’re planning to set off and adjust accordingly. I also try to look for an alternate route just in case the traffic starts to build when we’re already in the car.

Check For Damaged Parts

There’s nothing worse than chancing a damaged part of your car before you head out on a road trip, and if anything went wrong, it would completely ruin your time away, and probably put a dent in your purse. Checking your car over a week or so before you’re heading off is the best way of making sure everything is intact and gives you enough time if you need anything fixing.

Test The Tyre Pressure

Guess which idiot drove all the way to Nottingham with tyres that were the wrong pressure? You got it! Keeping your tyres at the right pressure is not only, yano… logical, but it also decreases the amount of petrol you use. If you head to a petrol station, they will usually have a machine that you can use to measure the pressure – just make sure you google your car’s requirements or check the handbook first.

Get A Service

As with anything car related, getting a professional to check over it every 6 months to a year is really important to make sure everything is running smoothly. Regular car servicing is mandatory & can be booked online here if you’re looking for a quick and easy service.

Check The Oil Levels

I’ll be honest that this isn’t something I ever did until I had a really annoying little icon on my dashboard that just wouldn’t go away until I took it to the garage, and guess what it was – the oil levels! Now, whenever we go away, I always tend to do a little check, just to make sure that everything is as it should be (but mainly because dashboard icons can really get on my nerves!)

I hope this post has helped you think about a few extra steps to take before you head out on the great open road and inspired you to get out and explore the gorgeous places we have on our doorstep.

This post was sponsored by Ossett Tyre House. 

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