My Dubai Bucket List

May 16, 2018

Next month, I’ll be heading on a little trip to Dubai with one of my good friends to visit another friend who lives there.

I’ve been once before a few years ago and ticked off some of the main tourist hotspots, but because we are there for a shorter amount of time on this trip and I want to make sure I pack everything in that I didn’t get round to doing the last time.

Here are a few things I want to be getting up to:

1. Skydive Over The Palm

Ok… I didn’t say that these things were definitely going to happen, but if by some miracle, I win the lottery before we go, I’ll definitely be looking into doing this. I’ve never had the chance to go skydiving, but when in Rome!

2. Zero Gravity

One thing that wasn’t open last time we visited was Zero Gravity. If you aren’t sure what this place is, it’s a beach and pool bar which looks great from the pictures I’ve seen. There is also a 39m glass-fronted pool which looks amazing.

3. Wild Wadi Water Park

I haven’t been to a water park for as long as I can remember, and seen as it’s going to be 40 degrees plus when we’re there, I think a water park is the perfect place to cool down! I’ve heard the Wild Wadi water park is one of the best too.

4. Brunch

Last time we were in Dubai, we went to brunch at Double Decker, which was unlimited food and drink for around 4 hours. I really want to do another one whilst we are there because they are so much fun and everyone just dances as though it’s a night out.

5. Visit The Beach

You can’t go to Dubai without going to the amazing beaches they have. As we only have a few days there this time, I would like to spend a lazy afternoon soaking up the rays, maybe on our last day.

6. The World Islands

If you aren’t aware of what the world islands are, they are basically the world map made up of smaller islands – in a nutshell. I’m not sure how much there is to do there, but it looks like a pretty cool way to spend a couple of hours.

7. Take A Camel Ride

I’ve always wanted to go on a camel, but last time we were there, we opted for the quad bike tour of the desert. This time, I really want to take a little trip on one, even if it’s just up and down the beach.

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