Wedding Talk // Five Summer Venues To Consider

April 20, 2018

Finding a venue is one of the biggest things when it comes to planning a wedding. We looked at loads, ranging from lodges to barns and stately homes before we settled on ours and it was definitely one of the most fun parts.

If you are planning a summer wedding and want to take advantage of a great location, as well as the flexibility of the venue and loads of space, the answer could be under your nose. From non-standard venues to historic places, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Today I’ve listed a few places for a summer shindig that you might not have previously thought of.

Your Back Garden

This was something that Jordan and I toyed with for a while, but for the number of people we wanted there during the day, there just wasn’t enough room in our little house.

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger than average back garden, you might want to save money on hiring a venue and invite your guests to your home. The amount you will pay for a marquee hire will be much lower than hiring a hotel lobby, and you can also benefit from the laid-back atmosphere and the freedom to stay as long as you want.

There’s something really lovely about having one of the biggest days of your life in your home too, that a traditional wedding venue wouldn’t be able to give you.

Church Garden

One of the best places for small weddings is the garden of your wedding church. They can be extremely romantic and means that your guests don’t have to go far after your ceremony. The church might be able to supply you with the tables and chairs and allow you to create your own decorations too which helps you put your unique touch on the day.

Usually, the parish will be happy to keep your flowers as long as they last and give you a discount if you are a member of the community which could help you keep the costs down. 

Historic Castle

If you have a larger budget and would like to make your wedding memorable, you could also hire a historic castle. There are many scattered around the UK that gives you the most stunning backdrop for your big day. 

Some of the venues offer indoor seating in case it rains (this is England after all…) and catering on site as well. Imagine the romantic wedding photos your photographer can take among the old halls and walls, as well as the landscaped castle garden – beautiful!

A Family Friends’ Villa

If you are lucky enough to know someone with a villa abroad, why not ask if they would be willing to let you have your wedding there? Abroad weddings tend to be cheaper than the UK too, which is why many people opt for them, plus – SUNSHINE!

You will also be able to accommodate for some of your guests which means the party can go on that little bit longer and have the freedom to choose the catering company according to your budget and needs.

The Beach

You might be surprised to know that there are plenty of seaside wedding venues offered for every budget: From luxury hotels to old forts, lighthouses to a ceremony on the sand, there are definitely several options to choose from.

Why not jump in the car and explore what some of your favourite UK beach has to offer as you might be pleasantly surprised. It will make for such beautiful photos too.  

I hope this post has helped you to think outside the box on the decision and if you would like any more information or tips on how we found ours, then leave me a comment!



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