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April 1, 2018

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Europe is a continent full of beautiful countries that are visited by tourists all over the world. Yet, travellers often restrict themselves to a few select locations.

Most tourists will choose to visit London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and other famous capitals, but these cities get more than enough visitors every year, and can be so crowded and cramped.

I’m all for discovering new places on my doorstep especially if they’re less popular as a tourist attraction. To me, popularity isn’t always an indicator of greatness, after all, and some of the best places I’ve visited have been because of an off the cuff flight booking.

Today I’ve rounded up some fascinating European places that you may never have thought to visit.

Nice, France

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France is an extremely popular tourist destination, but most people decide to visit Paris. Whilst the capital is a beautiful city to explore, you’re probably looking for a unique European adventure; and you’ll find that by visiting the splendid city of Nice.

It really is the city of glamour, paired with beautiful beaches and incredible shopping. If you visit, make sure to take a trip to the fantastic Promenade du Paillon that was opened in 2013; this huge 30-acre park runs through the city all the way to the sea. It’s a testament to the innovative modern minds at work in this refreshing city. You’ll also need to visit the old town (Vieille Ville) if you want to see some stunning old architecture.


Halkidiki, Greece

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Everybody favours Greece as a top summer destination, but you might not know where exactly to go when visiting this sprawling country with its many smaller islands (unless you’re a blogger in search of those gorgeous blue houses of course!) 

The peninsula of Halkidiki is definitely a good place to start, and you may not have even heard of it, but it is definitely a fascinating and beautiful destination.

Make sure to get a taxi from the Thessaloniki airport transfer straight to Halkidiki to begin your Greek excursion. Obviously, the city of Thessaloniki is also an interesting place to visit, but you might want to take a different type of adventure.

The Halkidiki region has so much to offer in terms of the stunning natural beauty of the Cholomontas mountains and the bustling town of Polygyros. This town serves as the capital of the Halkidiki region, and it’s a fascinating place to visit. That’s such a fascinating history to this Greek haven, and there’s also beautiful architecture in the town.

Manchester, England

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Hear me out on this one… Yes, I can be quite biased when it comes to my great city, but England really is such a brilliant place to visit. Although London is great, the number of people can really take its toll after a few days – so where better to go than the hub of the north?

The UK actually has a lot to offer for the traveller hoping for a fascinating experience and can be cheaper than going abroad. It might not be able to boast the same amount of sunshine as Greece or France, but this country can certainly boast its cultural influence (both ancient and modern) and Manchester is the prime example of this. 

Not only are their great food venues, the city is also steeped in history, and there are a number of different tours you can do ranging from the underground tunnel tour to one of the football stadiums.

There are also a number of theatres from large ‘West End’ style shows to independent performances as well as lots of music venues scattered around the city – definitely something for everyone!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some places that you ordinarily might not have thought to go, and if you have any other recommendations, send them my way!


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