Weekly Love #63

March 26, 2018

Does anyone else feel as though these weeks are whizzing by faster and faster? I can’t believe we’re at the end of March already!

This week has flown by because I spent the first three days in France on a work ski trip, so only having two days in the office has meant that the weekend came round even quicker, although I’ve mostly been catching up on sleep.

Here are the rest of the things I was loving last week too.

Celebrating One Year In Our Home

This week it was exactly one year since we picked up the keys to our first home together. The last year has flown by, but it has been one of the most memorable of my life and I’ve been so happy in our little house.


As I mentioned, the first half of this week was spent on the slopes in Val Thorens with my company, which was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Although I’ve come to the realisation that skiing may not be for me, I had the best time with everyone eating and drinking to my heart’s content surrounded by some gorgeous views.

19 Cafe Bar Cocktail Launch

On Friday evening, I met my friend Hannah for a few drinks to catch up. We were invited to try the new cocktail menu at 19 Cafe Bar, which I’ve been to a couple of times, but never had a drink in. The staff were incredibly helpful and gave us tips on which to pick depending on what we usually liked to drink and they got it right every time!

Sorting Out The House

Although we’ve been living here for a year now, there were still some bits in a couple of the rooms that we’ve been putting off for a few months, so this week we decided to get the odd jobs done. I managed to halve my makeup collection and get rid of some random things that were taking up too much room and I felt so much better for it.

Pizza Party

On Saturday evening, we had a few friends over for pizzas and gin and cards against humanity. We nipped out in the day to get some garnishes and mixers to make different types of G&T’s and they all turned out pretty well. It was such a lovely group of us that got together and the evening was so much fun (and the gin was good too!)

10k Walk

I’ve been trying to get back into exercising after being away, but yesterday morning I was not feeling going to the gym at all, so we opted for a walk instead. We walked to a local market and had some lunch there before heading to the pub and then getting an ice cream to eat on the way home. Altogether we walked 10k which I was really happy with.


How much did this weekend get you excited for Spring? With the clocks going forward to and the rise in the temperature, I feel as though it’s just around the corner. We even visited a beer garden this weekend and sat outside taking in the sunshine – I can’t wait for more of that!


This week my Timehop has been reminding me that it was a year since I visited¬†Brussels, Bruges and Berlin in a week and it’s been so fun to relive the memories made there. I love going away so much that I spent most of the evening researching where to go later in the year (sorry bank balance!)

What have you been loving this week? 


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