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January 4, 2018

I always think that winter, and in particular, January, is the best time to get some home inspiration, invest in some cosy pieces and try to incorporate as much hygge into my routine when the colder months hit.

Until owning my own home, I was never really into interiors, mainly because I’d only ever lived in rented flats or with my parents, but there is something really satisfying about doing up your own house and discovering your unique style.

One of my favourite rooms in our house is definitely our bedroom, mostly because I feel it’s the cosiest and the one I spend the most time in. I’ve been picking up bits over the years including a chest of drawers, photo frames and scatter cushions, which I feel give the room an overall peaceful vibe and make me feel instantly relaxed.

Although we’ve lived in our house now for over nine months, there are still bits and bobs to do in a few of the different rooms, including getting new curtains. Although I don’t mind our sky-blue pair at the moment, as it’s one of my favourite colours, in the future I would love to get one of our walls wallpapered and change them for something a bit homier and ones we have chosen ourselves.

Curtains are one of those things that you don’t really think about when you buy a house, but they really add to the decoration of a room and make for a better night’s sleep. We’re lucky in our bedroom as we have shutters as well, but without them, in the summer months, we would be woken up as soon as the sun rises, which although sounds pretty zen, I think I’d rather have the extra sleep.

One of the other things that I would like to invest in, is some curtain hold-backs, because they make a pair of curtains look a lot grander, are a lovely finishing touch, and would really make me feel as though I’m nailing this whole adulting thing – also, with two cats roaming about as they please, having anything that ties them back and has them less on the floor will mean a lot less climbing to the top (one can hope anyway…) There is a whole range of curtain holdbacks in the Yorkshire Linen store which has something for every room style and personal preference.

Another thing that I feel is something I would like to buy more of is bedding, especially a set for the new year. I’ve been having a look online in the hope to treat myself to some as a late Christmas present, and this set from Next is one that I’ve definitely got my eye on because it looks so warm and snuggly: This textured set from Zara Home is beautiful too – I like grey, can you tell?

Buying bedding may seem like a mundane task to some, but in my opinion, there is nothing better than getting in a cosy new set and getting the best night’s sleep possible. Fresh bedding is one of life’s little

The more I do these interior-style posts, the more I realise that making a house a home is something that is really important to me. It’s all of the little bits that bring a room together that make you feel so thankful for everything you have when you walk into it, and I never want that feeling to end.

For more festive inspiration and style tips, visit the Yorkshire Linen store online today or follow them on Instagram.

Have you updated your bedroom recently? What have you purchased? 


This post is written in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen. All views are my own. 

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