Travel // 6 Reasons I Love London

December 17, 2017

Tomorrow Jordan and I will be heading down to London to start our festive celebrations, see some friends and do some much-needed Christmas shopping.

London is one of those cities that I’ve been to a million times, but one I could visit a million more: I love that there is always something to do, a new restaurant to visit, a quirky pop-up shop to explore or a different area to explore.

It was the writer, Samuel Johnson, that said, ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.’

(There’s the literature geek inside me coming out…)

Today I’ve summarised the reasons I love the capital city so much.

1. The Shopping

There’s no denying that London has some of the best shopping in the world, but the reason I love it so much? Becuase of the number of places I hear and see in people’s blogs and vlogs that I get to discover when I’m down there. In my last trip, I visited Anthropologie, Whole Foods and

2. Festivity

London definitely knows how to do Christmas. I used to make it a tradition when I was younger to visit the capital once a year around the festive period, but it’s been a good few years since I’ve been able to do so. On my last trip, my friend and I went to Winter Wonderland, and I was blown away by how much there is to see and do there. The Manchester Christmas markets are good, but London does Christmas bigger and better. Apart from that, the Christmas light displays everywhere are spectacular.

3. The People

I know that Londoners tend to get a bad rep about being an unfriendly¬†bunch, but I’ve never found that to be the case. I know that the people down south always seem to be in a rush, but the ones I’ve actually spoken to are more than happy to engage in conversation with a Northern stranger.

4. The Unknown

The last time I visited London, I managed to take a wrong turn on the way to Covent Garden, but ended up in the Seven Dials area, which I’d heard loads about on YouTube, but never knew how to get to. It was a lovely surprise to visit an area I’d seen featured in lots of blogger’s videos and to stumble upon by chance. After wandering around the shops, we also found the famous Neal’s Yard, which was lit up with fairy lights and looked so pretty.

5. The Food Choices

The Manchester food scene is good, but London trumps it by a mile. Everywhere you turn there is a chain I’ve heard of and not tried, a quaint little coffee house or a delicious-smelling bakery and I love the amount of choice there is. If I ever move to the capital, I’m sure I’ll be spoilt for choice.

6. Buildings

London architecture is absolutely spectacular, and it never amazes me how many tourists it attracts every time I’m there. One of my favourite roads in the city is Regent Street, as I feel it mixes the old with the new so well by the shops it has there, in the beautiful white buildings that they are housed in.

And there you have the six reasons I love the city so much.

Do you love London too? What is your favourite thing about it?


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