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February 7, 2017

I’ve mentioned in a couple of favourite posts that I was invited in to try out a non-surgical treatment at Rejuvenate clinic, just outside of the Northern Quarter in Manchester, before Christmas. I was contacted by Leena, the clinic manager, to undertake a complimentary treatment, and as my friend Hannah had done so previously, I was interested to see what the clinic was all about.

Rejuvenate specialise in non-surgical, non-invasive treatments, and have been doing so since 2012 with 3 main lines of skincare treatments, hair removal and slimming, cellulite and stretch mark ones. Their mantra is helping people feel better in their own skin, which I think is refreshing in a world full of lip fillers, botox and plastic faces, and they aim to educate their clients in terms of skin and body care so that they have a better understanding overall. One of their main USP’s is that they tailor make their treatment courses to suit their clients so that they get the results they are looking for. The products they use do not contain any soap, SLS or parabens, which if you are involved in the beauty world, you will know that a lot of companies receive bad press for using these ingredients.

The first time I went to the clinic, I was welcomed by Leena and shown around. She gave me a quick tour, and then we sat in one of the treatment rooms and discussed the treatments I was interested about. I had previously had a look on the website and decided that a slimming wrap or an undereye treatment sounded very intriguing, especially because I have tried so many different products on my dark circles, but nothing has seemed to reduce them. After being told that this treatment usually works best with a course of 3-6 visits, I opted for the slimming wrap which I was equally interested in. Also, with it being the week after Christmas, I still had a few extra pounds hanging about from all the cheese and wine, so I thought anything that might slim me down and detoxify my body was probably the best option for me.

We spent about 30 minutes talking me through the treatment, what others thought of it, what the main benefits were and how long it would take – Leena definitely knows her stuff! We then took a note of my measurements, body fat percentage, weight and water intake and she went through all the safety precautions for the treatment. As I had somewhere to be that evening, I made an appointment for a couple of weeks later.

When I went back for the appointment last week, I was so exhausted from work (even though it was only a Wednesday) and in a bad mood from the traffic to Manchester being so busy. Despite this, me and Leena had a lovely catch up and she talked me through how the procedure would work. We went upstairs to the treatment room and I had my measurements taken from three different parts of my tummy – where my belly button is, 2cm below, and 2cm above. She also did my weight etc. again.

It was then time for the treatment…

Leena told me that she was going to rub some slimming gel over my tummy, and then she wrapped my midriff in what felt like clingfilm and unzipped the ‘body bag’ as I kept referring to it as. I then lay inside the blanket, between two more sheets of plastic. Leena asked whether I wanted to have my arms inside or outside of the bag, so I chose inside and looked like a little floating head. She then gave me a sip of water and turned the machine on.

The overall aim of the treatment is to sweat out all of the toxins and excess water in the body by being exposed to extreme heat: Most people can only stay inside the blanket for about 30 minutes and are monitored throughout the experience by a member of staff checking on them and offering water. The amount of heat will depend on how you’re feeling throughout and whether you can withstand high temperatures in general which are usually between 40-70 degrees. Being someone who is always cold, I absolutely loved the heat and managed to keep dozing off during the time I was in there. I also had spa-esque music playing as well, and I actually found the whole experience quite relaxing – exactly what I needed after a stressful day.

When I was inside the blanket, I could tell that my body was sweating, but I didn’t feel sweaty, which I wasn’t expecting. When the blanket was unzipped after the 30 minutes, however, I was absolutely dripping. I was really surprised with how much I had sweated throughout because like I said, I just didn’t feel sweaty – it was quite an odd sensation. I had some water straight afterwards and was advised by Leena to keep drinking plenty throughout the evening.

When I got re-measured afterwards, I was a little disheartened to learn that I had only lost 1cm from the biggest part of my tummy – but hey, 1cm is better than nothing, and overall I felt as though my body was refreshed and cleaner on the inside (even though I was dripping with sweat). Obviously, every person is different, and Leena mentioned that she had had some clients who have lost up to 3-4cm on their stomachs, and some who have not lost anything at all – it’s just the way your body reacts.

The treatment I had usually costs £59 and is a great quick fix if you need to lose a little bit of water weight before a party, wedding or holiday. In my mind, I feel like I might have lost more if I have undergone more than one treatment, so a course of 3-6 may be better for the long run.

Rejuvenate do all kinds of different treatments, all of which are non-invasive and non-surgical, which I think is a massive plus for this kind of market. The clinic itself is very bright and inviting, and all of the staff are professionals and put you totally at ease. If you would like to find out more about the treatments they offer or prices, visit their site here


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Thank you to Leena and Rejuvenate for my complimentary treatment. All views are my own. 

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  1. Diana Maria says:

    This treatment sounds so relaxing and great for self-care! I've never done one before but would love to try something like this out xx

    My Lovelier Days

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