16 Things That Happen When You Finish Uni

May 25, 2016

I’ve noticed a lot of people on my Twitter and Instagram are coming to the end of their studies, and although it makes me feel like I grew up in the Stone-age (or the late 00’s if you will) I thought I would compile a list of what I have learnt in the almost three years that I have been out of education. And on that realisation, before I burst into tears about how much I miss being a student, let’s jump right in.

1. You find that the only jobs out there seem to require at least 2 years experience, and a degree, and the spells to get into Hogwarts and instructions on how to finish a rubix cube in less than 30 seconds and your application to be on this year’s Apprentice.

2. Job applications take up a lot of time, and you start to wish you’d applied whilst you were still studying, but hey… it’s not like they told you to do that or anything… oh wait.

3. You will constantly refresh your emails hoping for someone, anyone to give you an interview or at least a recognition of your 23768th application.

4. And when you do finally get an interview, you will overthink the whole thing entirely and decide you’d rather do a masters then actually get a job.

5. If you don’t get the job at the end of the whole process, you will take it so personally that you pretty much think you have a problem with being in social situations, when in fact you were probably just 1 of about 500 applicants.

6. You think screw it, I’m going to move to another city to only have that dream crashing down that you’ll just be in the same boat there. *Sigh*

7. You  move back in with your parents and wonder how the hell you did that for a good 18 years before you left for the real world of cheap vodka shots and hangover Tuesdays.

8. After a few weeks job searching, the only option you have really is to reward yourself with a holiday where you picture yourself never coming home.

9. You realise new clothes are not essential when you’re scraping the barrel to afford to eat, but continue to buy the odd Starbucks to instagram. Priorities and all…

10. You begin to wonder how you can be the next Zoella to earn a living.

11. You wonder whether you can read your CV any more times without wanting to gauge your eyes out.

12. You cringe over what you write in your covering letter. Sure that shift I did at the union bar helped me to gain valuable experience in the public sector.

13. You start to lose faith in whether going to University was worth it.

14. You even consider the move to the big smoke, but on looking at the cost of renting a room in a 14 bedroom house, you think again.

15. And then BAM, just when you weren’t expecting it, you get the phonecall. YOU GOT THE JOB!

16. You start to count down the days till the weekend. Every. Single. Week. Ah life…

6 responses to “16 Things That Happen When You Finish Uni”

  1. I'm so worried about finishing university even though I've got two years left, the first has gone by so quickly! Don't think I'm reading for the world of 'proper' work yet. Imogen at Wandered Souls. x

    • it's honestly not as bad as you think, especially when all of your friends are in the same boat 🙂 and once you get into the routine it gets easier!!
      Enjoy being a student whilst you can though! that's my only advice! xxx

  2. Lizzie Gines says:

    This is literally my life right now haha! Number 1 is just too true though…and so annoying!

    Lizzie | lizziegines.co.uk

  3. Sophie Mills says:

    I finish uni for good TOMORROW and I am feeling all of these things right now. Thankfully I have a part time job already waiting to fund my makeup obsession and it'll still give me time to blog and apply for jobs (yay for blogging, boo for 9-5 jobs). I'm not stressing about finding or getting a job though, it's deciding what I want to get a job in when I just don't care about my degree anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love the subject, I just can't see myself working in the field.

    We'll just have to see what happens!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

    • I've been following your final few weeks of uni on snapchat! That's one of the exciting things about finishing though is that the world is definitely your oyster and sometimes the jobs you think you want don't turn out to be what you expect and something good can come out of nowhere! Good luck with everything, and keep blogging!! Xxx

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