15 Reasons Being Born In 1990 Was The Best

April 30, 2016

Today I thought I would round up why being born in 1990 was the absolute best, and you guessed it, that was the year I was born (although it kills me to be slightly too late to Taylor Swift’s 1989 era).

1. It’s so easy to figure out how old you are. Thank god for multiples of 10.

2. The Olsen twins basically made growing up in the 90’s bearable. They helped you with how to style your hair, how to dress like an absolute mega babe, and how to talk to boys.

3. You grew up at the right time for true phone models.

4. Pick n mix after school didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

5. Polyphonic ringtones basically gave you amateur DJ skills – those beats.

6. You could afford the cinema without working full time for the month.

7. 99’s actually cost 99p

8. You can always reference the 90’s as being ‘your’ era.

9. You actually remember where you were for the Millennium.

10. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were your go to mega-babes.

11. You were at the epitome of 90’s fashion – hello double denim.

12. Being called a millennial is actually quite cool.

13. The Powerpuff Girls basically taught you about feminism from an early age.

14. As did the Spice Girls

15. We were some of the last people to get the cheaper University fees.


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