1. It’s so easy to figure out how old you are. Thank god for multiples of 10.

2. The Olsen twins basically made growing up in the 90’s bearable. They helped you with how to style your hair, how to dress like an absolute mega babe, and how to talk to boys.

3. You grew up at the right time for true phone models.

4. Pick n mix after school didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

5. Polyphonic ringtones basically gave you amateur DJ skills – those beats.

6. You could afford the cinema without working full time for the month.

7. 99’s actually cost 99p

8. You can always reference the 90’s as being ‘your’ era.

9. You actually remember where you were for the Millennium.

10. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were your go to megababes.

11. You were at the epitome of 90’s fashion – hello double denim.

12. Being called a millennial is actually quite cool.

13. The Powerpuff Girls basically taught you about feminism from an early age.

14. As did the Spice Girls

15. We were some of the last people to get the cheaper University fees.


Last Wednesday evening, I was invited by Revolution on Deansgate locks (if you’re from the North West you’ll know where I mean..) to sample their new menu. The lovely PR said I could bring a couple of friends and that it was to sample their new summer menu. For a bar I am a big fan of the food at Revolution, and spent many a Monday whilst a student, tucking in to their 50% off food offer, pretty much every week (alternating to the same offer at Slug & Lettuce…) so I was more than happy to go along! Also, last month when me and Jordan were in York, we got a little bit carried away sitting outside (under the heater, it is me…) and enjoying the happy hour in the sunshine!

Although it was a lovely springy, warm evening on Wednesday, we did opt for a table inside and were greeted by the lovely Lauren who was our waitress for the evening. When we first walked in, we all commented on how different the restaurant looked to the last time we had been there (which was a good few years ago) but it was lovely and bright inside with exposed brick everywhere, and had a real modern vibe to it, not like the vodka bar I remember so many times falling out of after too many shot sticks! The tables were wooden and perfect for flat lays (lol cringe) and the booths had pink leather seats and there were mirrors and photos all over the walls. If you’re ever in Manchester, I would definitely recommend it – it doesn’t feel like the other bars that you would find on the locks either… again if you’re from the North West, you’ll know what I mean!

Lauren sat us down and told us that as we had been invited, we could have three courses and two cocktails each, which was music to my ears! For the first round of drinks, I went for a blueberry mojito which was lovely and fresh and made me feel like it was actually turning into summer instead of the 5-degree weather of the week before, and now for that matter. Then for starters, we shared three small plates which were grilled chicken skewers, halloumi and goats cheese bonbons – and the plates they came on were ultimate goals. The starters were a good size for us all to share, but there was also so many more dishes I wanted to try, so you could definitely opt for a tapas-style meal if you wanted, which would be a nice way to try more of the menu!

For the main I was between steak and chips, a pizza or ribs, but instead went for a blackened chicken burger with my favourite, sweet potato fries! The burger itself was really lovely and I had it with the Vesuvius hot sauce they recommended as well as their special ketchup, which was made with blueberries and was lovely and fruity, but still tomatoey (yes I know tomato is a fruit…) but yeah, try this if you’re ever there! And then I obviously had my favourite, an espresso martini which I had previously sampled at the York restaurant (not that I remember it…) AND it had popping candy sprinkled on top!

Now lets talk about the puddings… Oh sweet lord they were good! Like we did with the starter, we decided to have a few different ones between all of us which was the best thing to do EVER. We had a salted caramel fondue with bananas, strawberries, marshmallow and dough sticks for dipping (my mouth is actually drooling right now…) a take on french toast with sweet sourdough (I know, confusion central) and in between it was Nutella and marshmallow fluff (the posh stuff you get in jars in Selfridges) sandwiched together with a berry sauce, and a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream. But even if you don’t go to Revolution for three courses, you HAVE to go for the desserts. Your life basically depends on it! I’m even considering driving to my nearest one right now just for the desserts but oh no I can’t because it’s April and it’s snowing and no one can drive in the snow and I’m lazy. But maybe next Monday when its 50% OFF I will take a trip there to ease my cravings!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly different post. I am going to try and review more of the restaurants that I go to, to give you a taste of whats out there and prices, choice etc. If you want to check out the revolution menu, you can find it here and I would highly recommend it!

See you all next time! xxx

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I’ve been trying to write this blog for so so long, but found it really difficult after starting a new job (which I’ll talk about later) and trying to fit everything in to a completely different schedule, which I’m really struggling with at the moment, unless it means getting up at 6 am to post and take photos, but like any normal human, I’m choosing sleep!

I thought I would do a bit of a different post and let everyone know a little bit of an update over the past few weeks. After my last blog post on Ladies Day fashion (which can be found here) won me the Ladbrokes competition, I think it is only right that I firstly thank everyone that voted for me, so a BIG thank you to you, but I wanted my next one to be a bit more chilled and not me constantly hounding people on social media! (but again thank you if you did vote, it made my week!)

I like doing ‘life update’ blog posts because they’re more conversational and relatable, and who knows, maybe one day I will start my own YouTube channel and post on there what I’ve been up to. But for now I’ll stick with putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, as weird as that sounds.

So you may or may not know, but I recently left my job where I had been awith the company for over 6 years, which is already something massive to update you on. I won’t go into the ins and outs of why I left, but I was ready for a change, and it seemed like the right time to do it. But before I talk about my new job, and first week etc etc. I thought I would track back to my last day, which was Easter Thursday as I like to call it, or the 24th March to be exact.

It was a strange day if I’m honest, and right now it feels like it was about 3 months ago when in reality its only been just over three weeks. I decided I didn’t want a presentation (which the company famously does to embarrass the staff member as much as possible!) even though I had been there for a number of years, firstly because I hate being the centre of attention and would have been on the verge of an anxiety attack and secondly because I have so many memories from that place that I wanted to leave on a high without thinking too much about what I was leaving behind. It may not make sense to some, but in my head it made the whole experience much easier to handle. For a leaving present I got Topshop vouchers (which I’ve obviously already spent) prosecco and chocolate, so to say my work friends knew me extremely well would be an understatement! I decided that with my vouchers I would get a new handbag because I hadn’t had one for while, and it’s a nice thing to have to start a new job with.

For my leaving do we went to Turtle Bay in Manchester which if you haven’t been is a Caribbean restaurant with amazing food and cocktails. There was a mixture of people I used to work with and current staff members, and it was a really nice mix. Afterwards we went to some bars around Manchester and others came to join. I didn’t really feel as though it was my leaving do, mostly because I’ve already managed to keep in contract with the majority of the staff already… plus my boyfriend still currently works there, so I’m still being updated on what everyone’s up to (and the gossip obvs, I am a girl at the end of the day!)

Easter weekend revolved around chocolate, seeing family and taking my first lot of outfit photos for the Ladbrokes competition (LOL remember when I wasn’t even going to mention that!) The week after I had off work and met the lovely Laura for lunch at Handmade Burger Company in Manchester (blog over here) which was an incredible experience in itself (I had the Italian chicken burger which had a sausage on as well!) On the Wednesday I went to York for a few days with the boyfriend which believe it or not was actually the first time since Christmas! The weather was gorgeous for the days we were there and we just had a really lovely time not thinking about work or leaving do’s or anything important really, and it was bliss. And I did the very ‘blogger’ thing and ate crushed avocado on toast (for the first time ever) with a poached egg from Bills. I totally get it now!

When we came back, I found out that I had been invited to the Jet2Sunchester event on the Saturday, but before I went there, I found myself sampling the new breakfast menu at Neighbourhood, which was a delight (as were the 10am Mimosas!) We started with pancakes topped with chocolate sauce and blueberries, followed by a bacon, sausage and egg muffin, and then I chose my trusty new favourite avocado with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and toast. I felt a bit anxious turning up to the Jet2 event by myself as I didn’t know anyone else who was going, but I had a great time! I spent most of my day getting glitter on my face, drinking more cocktails and hanging out with the lovely Erin, Lily and Paula.

And then after a lovely and well deserved 10 days off, reality hit… and it was my first day of my new job. I won’t lie and say it was easy, and I won’t lie and say that I haven’t struggled, but I also know it’s not even been two weeks and I am really enjoying it, and that’s all I could have wished for. I’m sure I’ll do a more in-depth update in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Last Wednesday, I visited Bakerie in Manchester to sample their new wine ‘jukebox’ where you can basically sample all the wines they serve in the restaurant, and do a sort of ‘self-serve’ of which one you fancy. After having a couple of glasses of prosecco though and a few samples of various wines, I may have forgotten to take a picture of it, but I can assure you it was pretty awesome!

And that pretty much takes us up to the present day. I think thats been quite a long life update, but there are so many amazing people I have met recently, and so many great events that I have been lucky enough to attend and I just wanted to write everything down in one place. And although its taken me a good week or so to write this, I’m hoping it was worth the wait!

What has everyone else been up to recently? x

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Apparently, I’ve chosen the one day in the last fortnight where it isn’t lovely and sunny and warm to write this blog, but hey, I’m going to go with it… plus by the time I post this, I bet the weather has turned! Good old England!!

One thing though,

Is anyone wondering where on earth this year has gone? Like really, how is it April? When did that happen?? Was March just a dream? ahhhhhh

I hope I’m not the only one!

One of the best things about this time of year is how much it feels like summer as soon as the temperature hits the 14 degree mark. There have even been a couple of days this month where I have *thought* about not wearing 100 denier tights, and bare my anemic, milk bottle legs, especially when my car exclaimed we were in the late teens/early 20’s…but then I remembered where I was… In Manchester; where the sun is misleading, and the wind chill *might* make your legs fall off after a bout of frostbite.

But in spite of all this, I even ventured out to a beer garden during the week, bought some daffodils (see above!) and have added some colour to my usual grey and black wardrobe.

So I’m ready for the temperatures to soar!

My April has been filled with food festivals, al-fresco fruity beer drinking, celebrating Simba’s first birthday, eating many an Easter egg and digging out my pastel nail varnishes. A part of me wants to go to the shops and find everything floral or with patterns of fruit on and spend spend spend, but I’m being good. I’m being responsible, and I’m attempting to be an adult!

Last weekend, after visiting the Great British Food Festival at Stonyhurst College (which by the way, is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to in England, and I’m super jealous of everyone who goes there because it is amazing, and vast and they have ducks and lakes and it’s so pretty!) but anyway… after going to the food festival midafternoon, we realised that we wouldn’t make it back home in time to watch the Grand National (not my issue FYI) so we sauntered off to the nearest town of Clitheroe. Having never been there before, I didn’t know what to expect, but it was lovely! We passed a couple of tea rooms, a fancy cocktail bar, loads of nice restaurants, and a William Hill (lol) where we made ourselves comfortable, with the locals, and proceeded to watch my horse win! Yay! So all in all, it was a good day 🙂

In the next couple of weeks (IF the weather stays as it is) I would love to go on some sort of picnic or a long country drive and visit more cute little towns because there’s so much of Britain that I haven’t seen. That also reminds me, a couple of weekends ago, I went to Llandudno, another place I have never been before, which again was gorgeous. Although, finding a parking space, in Wales, when it’s sunny, proved quite a challenge. So much so that we ended up driving to the top of Great Orme, by accident, where I’m pretty sure I almost had a panic attack seen as that hill is VERTICAL to drive up… But once we made it to the top in one piece we went for a little wander around the hills, in the sunshine, and I actually took my cardigan off! 

And I’m excited for tomorrow as I am getting together with all my friends, which might not seem like a big deal, but some of them have moved away, and this will be the first time that we have been together in over a year, so yay!!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 🙂

I’ve decided to do a few more lists here and there, as they keep popping up all over my Facebook, and to be quite honest, I find them fun 🙂

So, here goes!

Hey, it’s ok….

1. To still wear the same perfume that you did when you were 18. Why mess with a classic?

2. To still not like the taste of coffee. I’ll have a tea all day everyday thank you very much!

3. To feel down for no reason. It was ok in your teenage years and it’s still damn ok now.

4. To not want to socialise when it’s cold. Did someone say X-factor and PJ’s??

5. To buy more home stuff than clothes. Pretty pretty pretty!

6. To want to put fairy lights up already. You know whats just around the corner don’t you??

7. To want to apologise to everyone that encountered your young, drunk, fresher self. Timehop, you’re evil!

8. To not keep up to date with the news. Ignorance is bliss eh?

9. To not wash your hair for more than two days. Someone’s gotta keep Batiste in business.

10. To have half as much energy as you did in summer. Did I hear the phrase autumn nap?

11. To save most of your work holidays for Christmas. Tis the season of course.

12. To be insanely jealous of girls you’ve never met on social media. Just remember, you’re unique!

13. To question what you’re doing with your life almost weekly. Your 20s are an exciting time huh?

14. To sometimes not give a shit about anything. Only sometimes though.

15. To be broody at the sight of any baby, but swear off any talk of having one any time soon. ‘I can barely take care of myself you know’…

16. To laugh uncontrollably at any given time. Laughter releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!

17. To not really remember that much of the 90s.

18. To have breakfast for dinner. I’ll have my eggs sunny side up my good man.

19. To really loathe going to the gym.

20. To not use snapchat anymore. That was a LOT of selfies.

21. To still wear your uni hoody. Gotta represent!

22. To think taking up yoga was a good idea but stop after one class.

23. To want a ‘daring’ haircut but never go through with it.

24. To have to be reminded when the clocks go forward/back.

25. To not really understand what a basic bitch is.

26. To not know anything about politics.

27. To fear drinking because of the dreaded hangover.

28. To wish they did another series of your beloved gossip girl, OC or the Hills. *sigh*

29. To not have all the same interests as your significant other. That’s what friends are for!

30. To keep the TV volume on an even number.