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March 28, 2016

Hi everyone,

So this is the first time I have been ‘tagged’ in anything in the world of blogging, which for me is very exciting! The lovely Maira from Love From Maira tagged me in the ‘beauty blogger tag’ with 10 questions to answer.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Do you prefer a matte or dewy foundation? 

If you’d asked me this about a year ago I would have said matte every day of the week, but more recently I have been loving a dewy finish. I still use a setting powder after my liquid foundation as I find it makes it last a lot better through the day and gives me a good base for blush, contour and highlighting. I’ve been loving the L’oreal ‘True Match’ and Rimmel ‘Wake me Up’ over the last few months as I find they give me a medium coverage, but they’re both completely buildable if you need more.

2. How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Be honest! 

I’m SO rubbish for this… I would say maybe once a month or every 2? Is that really bad? I’m not even sure how often I’m supposed to do it! I would say I probably clean my foundation one more than the others because I don’t want to be re-using it if I’ve had a breakout or exceptionally oily skin, but for eyeshadow brushes, I usually just get the previous colour off on the back of my hand. But saying that, I do have about 10 which I tend to stick to the same colours with…. So I hope that’s not too disgusting!

3. What is a beauty trend you really don’t like/understand?

Bad fake tan. Do girls not look in the mirror and just think they’d prefer to be pale than bright orange? Oh and I never got using concealer as a lipstick when we were in secondary school. Just no.

4. What do you think is the key to a flawless base? 

Primer. All day, every day. I have just started using a new one from Beautiful Movements and it is incredible. It smoothes my skin and gives my foundation such a good base to ‘stick’ to and I’ve found my makeup stays on so much better throughout the day now. I tend to use it after my moisturiser or BB cream depending on what mood I’m in. Before that, I was using a 3-in-1 primer from seventeen which I also loved for a flawless base.

5. Are you guilty of purchasing products ‘for the blog’? 

I honestly don’t think I am. Everything I write about I usually already own. The only time I might have done this is possibly buying something new in order to photograph it instead of my makeup encrusted one. But it is usually something I was going to repurchase anyway! I don’t think there is anything wrong with this though as long as the blogger is giving their honest opinion and has tried it out properly.

6. What is your most favourite part when applying makeup? 

I would say definitely eye makeup. I have only recently started wearing a lot more eyeshadows and this has completely changed how much I value my makeup. I used to stick to the same two for work and nights out, but now I love experimenting as much as possible with different shades. I also love doing my mascara as I am quite proud of my eyelashes. I tend to curl them and then use about 3 different mascaras to separate, lengthen and give some clumps (because some clumps are ok!)

7. What is your go-to lip product? 

I’m not a huge lipstick fan. I do love wearing them on a night out, but I wouldn’t say I couldn’t live without them. Saying that, I feel a colour on my lip definitely brings a makeup look together. I tend to suffer from quite chapped lips throughout the year so I have a stash of Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms in my handbag at all time which gives me a bit of colour and also stops my lips from drying out. My favourite is the peachy shade and the red – I think I’ve been through about 4 of each!

8. You have to get rid of everything in your makeup bag apart from one thing – what would you keep?

Mascara! I love the Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme or the Rimmel Scandaleyes because they both have thick brushes which I think work better for my lashes. If I had to choose just one of the two, it would be Rimmel as I think it separates my lashes far better and is buildable.

9. What is a beauty tip you swear by? 

Drinking 2 litres of water a day. I tend to drink a bit more when I am at work but I definitely think my skin suffers when I don’t get enough. Oh and always take your makeup off at night! And use an eye cream! I think that’s it…

10. Why did you want to start blogging about beauty? 

I would say that although I tend to blog about everything, beauty is one of those really exciting topics because there is always something new to try. I tend to rely on a lot of beauty bloggers opinions on products before I go out and buy them, and I would love to think that people find my tips and opinions useful.

Thank you to Maira for tagging me!!

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3 responses to “Beauty | The Beauty Blogger Tag”

  1. Maira says:

    Thank you for joining in on the tag, Ellie! 🙂 This was a pleasant read, I enjoyed learning more about you.
    I must say, eyeshadow is definitely my weak point so I don't enjoy applying that as much as I do my foundation, blusher, and the rest – I would love to see a post on your tips and tricks to achieve a good eyeshadow look, or even how to improve confidence in that area.

    Maira @

    • Thanks for tagging me, I really enjoyed your post as well!

      how about we swap tips on eye shadow and lipstick because that is definitely my downfall!

      Love the idea of a post though, that's definitely something to think about 🙂 xxxx

  2. Mia Ethan says:

    When you pick your eye cream for freckle purpose, you should pick one with caffeine. Nighttime beauty tips

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