20 Signs You’re a Self-Confessed Food Lover

March 25, 2016

1. You are constantly thinking about your next meal, and if you aren’t, you’re probably asleep.

2. The majority of your wage goes on eating out.

3. You think it’s amusing when people get ‘full’ off the pre-starter bread.

4. You don’t really need to see the menu because you’ve rehearsed it from the restaurant’s website in anticipation, but you take one to avoid embarrassment.

5. You have a mild panic attack when people say that don’t want a starter.

6. You have your Instagram filter already picked out before the food has even arrived.

7. You get exasperated if the waiter waits too long to give you the dessert menu.

8. Set menus are your best friend.

9. 90% of your social media consists of arty pictures of food from different angles.

10. You can’t go a couple of hours without some form of snack.

11. Your perfect job would be a restaurant critic.

12. You wish you were in some way related to Mary Berry.

13. You spend most of your workday asking people what they have for lunch/dinner.

14. You have no room in your drawers at work because they are full of food.

15. The majority of your Sky box is full of MasterChef/Bake Off or anything featuring Jamie Oliver.

16. You are attracted to anyone who can cook… regardless of gender.

17. You die a little inside when people say that aren’t that bothered about food.

18. You eat the bulk of your ingredients whilst you are cooking.

19. You can’t deal with slow eaters.

20. You have more cookbooks than anyone else you know (not that you even use them…) 

Are you a food lover? Do you agree with the above? 

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