The 16 Things That Prove All Girls Are Basically The Same

1. You live and die in high waisted Topshop Joni jeans (or y’know, the Primark equivalent if you’re having a skint month)

2. Your work draws and cupboards at home are full of different varieties of green tea, for the one a month you actually have one.

3. You’ve managed to master the basic eyeliner flick after 7 years of practice.

4. You sometimes wonder whether to pack up all your things, travel the world and never look back but then you remember that you’re a realist.

5. You pretty much live for looking through wedding photos of the girls you went to school with over 10 years ago.

6. You’d rather park a 5 minute walk away from somewhere, than attempt to parallel park.

7. You always advocate that Autumn is your favourite season, until it comes to going outside.

8. You laugh about wearing pants with bits of material coming off them. What was that trend?

9. You live and breathe Collection’s ‘Lasting Perfection Concealer.’

10. You’d rather cut your own arm off then go without your phone for a day.

11. You have five different fitness apps on your phone and don’t use any of them.

12. You belong to at least 8 different WhatsApp groups for your different friends.

13. You secretly like when the football is on as it gives you a reason to do anything but watch it.

14. You refer to anyone under the age of 22 as a child.

15. You always thought you would end up as some big-shot in New York City living a Carrie Bradshaw-esque lifestyle.

16. You wouldn’t be able to survive without your work pals.


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