Life Update #1

February 16, 2016

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I don’t mean where I physically am, as I’m just at home lay on my couch, letting Simba in and out until he decides he doesn’t want to stay out in the rain, but I meant more in a life update kind of way…. And on that note, welcome to a rambling blog about my life at the moment.

It’s been a while since I did a bit of a life update, and to be quite honest, not a massive amount has changed. I had no intention to write this blog, in fact, I was taking the night off just to chill and watch TV and catch up on Youtube, etc etc. but I thought why not? Why not update the ol’ Blogging community with the many thoughts whizzing around in my head… (see what I mean about a rambling blog?) That’s just the kind of mood that I’m in right now… I always have the urge to put RN when I say right now, but is that too teenage and cliche? Or just a bit weird?

I’ve had an odd couple of weeks if I’m honest, nothing crazy to report on, I just mean emotionally I’ve been a bit up and down. I can’t pinpoint if there’s any particular reason why, or whether its that time of the month or I’m just hormonal in general, but I feel a bit all over the place… Oh the joys of being in your twenties hey?

My last post was about Valentine’s Day and my lack of plans for it, which to be honest was one of my favourite parts of the last week or so. Not being big on the day itself (did I mention that enough in my last blog or nah?) I was more than happy when my Mum arranged both of my Nan’s to come over for a Sunday roast, which by the way was lovely mother, if you’re reading this! I do love spending time with my Grandma’s because they are so different yet very, very similar. They were telling us stories about how they used to keep warm back in the olden days, their old jobs, how everyone used to smoke, and so on and so forth, and it was nice to hear them reminisce about their younger years. I’m one of those people who is really interested in hearing old stories like that, and even more so when it involves a member of my family because you feel much more invested in the whole anecdote and can really picture them.

I spend last Friday night at a very close friend’s leaving do as she is moving back up to Scotland. (Well, actually she’s already moved back there). I really hate saying goodbye to people but this one hit home a little bit more than usual because she wasn’t just leaving the company, but is literally moving country altogether and won’t just be down the road. But I can’t really talk about it because it makes me sad to even think about!

But I have news of my own! I have a new job myself, and will be leaving my current role at the end of March, which seems like a lifetime away, but I know it will fly by. It already is! I am terrified of leaving the company I have worked at for over six years, but in the back of my mind, I know it is the right decision and a really good career move for me. It means we have had to put the house-hunting on hold for a little while until I get settled in my new job, but to me that’s also a good thing so that we have more time to save and understand what we really want and can realistically afford.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling for one night. Hopefully, the next post will have more content behind it, and maybe even be planned if you’re lucky! But for now, I am going to finish eating copious amounts of chocolate, drink my tea and put the cat to bed!


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