The 12 Misconceptions of Moving in with Your Boyfriend

February 15, 2016

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So everything is great, you love your boyfriend, and you have made the choice to move in together. Good for you!

But here are some of the misconceptions when you move in with your other half.

1. Belief – You will save on the heating bills because you will be inseparable curled up on the couch together under a blanket. Awww cute <3

Reality – Your couch isn’t big enough for two. You both know it. Turn the heating on and give your aching limbs a rest.


2. Belief – You will have all your friends over, all the time to hang out now you have your own crib.

Reality – Your friends might come over a couple times a month, but not nearly as much as you once thought. But hey, you’re ok with that.


3. Belief – Even though you’re just renting, you’ll act like it’s your marital home.

Reality – You get excited. You put a picture of the two of you up. You instantly regret putting a hole in the wall. Damn.


4. Belief – You will feel all mature and sophisticated and have your equally mature and sophisticated couples friends over for come dine with me.

Reality – Cute idea. It will never happen.


5. Belief – You’ll move all your stuff in together. You’ll unpack all your stuff together. You’ll buy new stuff together. You both get excited about how grown up you feel.

Reality – You still have boxes you haven’t unpacked 8 months into your lease.


6. Belief – You’ll take it in turns to do the washing up.

Reality – It’ll pile up so high it will look like you live with a family of 6. It gets to the point where one of you is going to crack whilst the other drinks tea out of a glass.


7.Belief – You’ll have breakfast in bed cooked for you every weekend.

Reality – Crumbs. Everywhere.


8. Belief – You’ll save on the water bills because you can shower together.

Reality – You might try this once. It doesn’t work. One of you is cold. You have no room. You give up.


9. Belief – Your weekends will be filled by M&S dine in for two. Aww you hopeless romantics! 

Reality – Unless it’s a special occasion, Aldi does just the trick. You both know it… 


10. Belief – You’ll wake up late at the weekends, bask in the love you have for one another, until you roll blissfully out of bed at midday.

Reality – Your body clock will wake you up at 7am. You get bored. You wake up your other half…


11. Belief – You’ll eat dinner on your dining room table, surrounded by fresh flowers and candles almost every night of the week. You’re a grown up after all. 

Reality – You slowly work your way over to the couch. No parents = TV dinners! 


12. Belief – You will enjoy spending all the time together that you couldn’t before you lived together.

Reality – FIFA

Do you live with your other half? Do you believe in the beliefs vs. reality? 

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