Supporting World Cancer Day

February 4, 2016

Messages of hope from Cancer Research UK

Cancer… The big C. One of the biggest killers in the country. The life-threatening disease with over 20 varieties. The family destroyer, the heart-wrencher, the relationship ender – whatever way you look at it, Cancer is the absolute worse, and unfortunately, you can’t ignore it. Today marks ‘World Cancer Day’ where individuals, businesses and charities from around the world will come together in order to raise money for such worthwhile causes. Today is #adaytounite and to donate you can follow this link to the Cancer Research Website.

A part of me becomes really affected when someone young dies of Cancer. You just assume that if you’re one of the unlucky ones that it won’t happen until you’re at least a bit older, and by that time hopefully a cure will be on the cards. But unfortunately this is not the case for a lot of young people and children, and it breaks my heart to think of people being that ill at such a young age.

Cancer Research UK has always been a charity very close to my heart. I have had family members survive and pass away from this horrible disease, and I’ve always been an ambassador. When I was in my second year of uni, I was the Marketing and PR intern for them which meant that I got to visit the research sites, help out at the fundraising events, and increase the profile for an already well-known brand. It was only when I was working for them as well that I understood how hard they all work – not only the doctors and nurses, but the fundraising department, event staff and volunteers. Everyone is so invested in the company and that’s great to see when it’s doing such worthwhile research and providing support for those suffering, and the friends and family.

So what are you waiting for? Go and donate!!! x

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