My 10 Spring Fashion Favourites

February 24, 2016

Welcome Spring postcard on wooden table

Spring is almost here, can I get a hell yeahhhh to pastels and gladiator sandals and cute flats and wannabe tans?! As you can probably tell, I’m pretty excited for the change of season! I do spend most of the year saying how autumn is my favourite, mainly because I am a sucker for a chunky knit and skinny jeans, but Spring fashion excites me. I’m a girlie girl who loves pastel colours, pretty patterns and anything embroidered and that’s exactly what I’m seeing on the high-street and online. What a time to be alive hey??

The below are some of the items I will be acquainting myself with come payday (side note, I will accept donations as well…) and I’m pretty excited to finally get some colour in my wardrobe!

Let’s dive right in!

1. ASOS Mom Jeans £35

Here’s an interesting fact for you, I don’t own any blue jeans! How loose and crazy am I? (Or boring maybe?) well to be honest, I’ve never found a pair I actually like and suit my short stumpy legs, and the only jeans I do own are my beloved black Topshop Joni Jeans, which I am obsessed with… But then I had a thought, what about cropped jeans that aren’t too short, or too long, but are just right being ankle grazers, and are supposed to sit above my ankle? Game changer!
I do really want to try these, but because I haven’t bought jeans in so long, and never off ASOS, I have literally no idea what size to order. Woe is me.

2. ASOS Embroidered Mini Dress £60

I. Love. Embroidery. On. Clothes. There I said it! I do not however love the price-tag on this, but I think I could maybe make an exception (or maybe hound my friends who still get student discount… either or…). Also, what’s with retailers calling everything ‘mini’ this season? Maybe it’s mini on the 6 foot model, but it definitely won’t be for me! Anyway, I do love this smock-style dress. Perfect for a festival, holiday, or simply sitting in a beer garden; it’s going to stand out. I’m 90% sure another embroidered dress will definitely be making it’s way into my wardrobe pretty soon.

3. ASOS Stripe Top With Chambray Back £22

Because every girl needs a striped top in their wardrobe. It’s a staple. It goes with everything. It makes you feel all swish and stylish and this one is a little bit different to your normal top with the chambray back panel which is a little bit longer. I would pair this over denim shorts or jeans or tucked into a skirt with some cute sandals or flats. I think if I bought this I would get so much wear out of it as well, and I’m definitely on the hunt for a new stripe top as mine is so worn it’s becoming bobbly!
You could probably get a cheaper one from New Look or Primark, but I like the fact that this one is a little bit different.

4. Topshop Herringbone Chambray Shirt £29

*Spoiler Alert* I actually bought this in white and I have yet to wear it (although I do think it would suit the above jeans) but this is another one I would like to add to my shirt collection. I like that this one is a grey colour and I feel it could be dressed up easily for a day/night out into jeans or a denim skirt. This style is slightly more fitted as well than the white one I have which makes me think it would be better for an evening out/drinks/dinner.

5. Zara Mini Denim Dress £29.99

I’m not really sure how mini this dress is, but it didn’t come up too short on the model which makes me think my 5’4″ frame can handle it! I am a sucker for anything denim, be it a shirt, skirt or dress and this one fits the bill perfectly. I’m always a different size every time I go into Zara, so this is definitely one I would need to try on in the shop. I can see this being worn with some bright orange heels for a cool yet sophisticated look that I’m all for this season!

6. Topshop Belted Shirt Dress £36

The first dress on the list in this little-belted number from Topshop that I spied on their website last week. I’m a massive fan of belted shirt dresses as they pull me in at the right place, and aren’t skin tight to show all those areas that you’d rather have covered up. I love the colour of this one as well as it could be worn with tights and boots if the sun doesn’t happen (which let’s face it, is pretty probable) but could also be worn with a cute beige or white flat or a pair of summery wedges.

7. Boohoo Floral Shift Dress £15

I think this is a great bargain buy for those “I have no clothes and I need something light but something that’s flowery and spring-like and ahhh” kind of moments, which happen to me quite a lot… I think this would look cute with dressy flats, or even gladiator sandals for a casual look. The great thing with shift dresses as well is that you can disguise your ‘had too many burgers at the BBQ’ belly, but you can also wear it with a waist belt to give your body at least some dimensions.

8. New Look Patterned Cold Shoulder Top £19.99

I love love loveeee this top so much so that I’m thinking of putting it on my credit card (and I love the fact that it’s called a ‘cold shoulder too, lolz). I think this is the perfect summer top – not too tight, but also with a cute pattern that would look good over shorts, a skirt and jeans. And it’s only £20. Winner winner!

9. Rimmel Nail Varnish in Chase Me £3.99

Ok, not technically ‘fashion’ but this nail varnish is definitely on my ‘to buy’ list after payday. I think I might prefer matte nail varnishes (which this one is) as I feel they don’t chip as easily. Maybe I’m wrong? But that’s my experience with them. And I love the spring pastel shade of this one, and it’s a pretty decent price at £3.99.

10. Topshop Printed Platforms £52

I love a good platform to jazz up an outfit, and these are amazing in my eyes. The heel height isn’t too high so you could wear them in the day as well, and for lack of a better word (lol blogger mind blanks) they strike me as something really ‘trendy’. I’d definitely pair these with blue jeans or a cute denim skirt. Oh and they’re embroidered woooo <3

A grid of fashion favourites

I’d love to know what’s on your Spring wish-list and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post!


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