The Rise of the Super-Teens

January 20, 2016

Friends in the park

I’ve been sort of thinking about how different girls these days, teenage girls in particular, are to girls back in my day (I don’t think I’ve ever felt as old as I do now saying ‘my day’) Anyway… I tweeted the other day that school would have been so different if we had had whatsapp groups to talk to your friends when you’re not in lessons, Facebook for events instead of having to rely on the ‘house party host’ getting in touch with the 30 people in your friendship group and Instagramming the sandwiches your mum made you, or the crusty bit of pizza you got from the school canteen. *Dreamy*

There’s no denying that social media has had a massive impact on our lives in the last few years, but what if these sites were around during our vulnerable, hormonal teenage days? Would we know more about fashion, beauty and skincare because we are so used to watching tutorials, splashing the cash on urban decay palettes, and asking for the latest Liz Earle cleanser for Christmas, instead of y’know jungle pants and a mesh top? (No, just me?)

Or would we be expected to take part in the ‘Kylie Jenner Did She/Didn’t She Get Lip Injections’ revolution and weigh 8 stone and wear high waisted Topshop jeans and a crop top in the style as your best friend? And would we be so used to wearing boots and heels and going out dresses on the weekend, that when we eventually reach the bold age of 18 when we can *legally* drink, we’ve already mastered the ‘I woke up like this and rolled into a bodycon dress and sort of did my hair, and spent ages contouring my face and giving my teenage bone structure a good highlighting’ look?

Track back to when I was 14. I was in a dysfunctional relationship where I thought it was fine for my boyfriend to cheat on me, I had dyed blondey/browny/pink hair extensiony hair, drank straight vodka, and didn’t have the faintest idea of fashion or beauty. I don’t even think a contouring palette existed, but if it did, I was none the wiser.

And nowadays teenagers literally look as though they’ve walked straight out of a glossy magazine… actually, magazines are dying out… Maybe more of that they’ve come straight off a runway? Or have their very own makeup artists with them 24/7? I don’t even know how they know to look so damn good, all the damn time.

It’s like when the girl Tyga was texting became an internet sensation because she was 14, and looked like she did. Ok so she might be a model in real life, but still, 14? Even telling people she was 17 was a bit of a stretch, but either way she was absolutely stunning… that bone structure!! I would have killed for that at her age. Maybe she just knows how to edit photos real good?

It’s not surprising that girls of that age are putting way more effort into what they look like vs. what we did at that age. Look at who they have to idolise – the Jenner sisters, Elle Fanning, Gigi Hadid, ok she’s not a teenager but you catch my drift. (Oh on checking, Kendal Jenner is also 20. My bad…) when we grew up in the time where trash TV was just starting, Mean Girls was the film of choice (who am I kidding though, it still is) the Hilton sisters were all over the internet, Bring it On made us want to take up cheerleading and Britney Spears was having her famous 2007 year.

It’s almost a shame that teenagers these days are so old for their age that they’ll never experience clip in extensions, or sitting in parks drinking underage, or Von Dutch caps or fake tan mishaps or taking selfies on your webcam or band t-shirts and posters all over their rooms. But hey, they have snapchat whilst they’re learning. Whose the real winner?


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