The 30 Thoughts Everyone Has On Their First Week Back At Work

January 4, 2016

Desk with laptop and flowers on

It’s the first week back at work, and we’re all in the same boat eh? But I’ve rounded up what’s going through everyone’s minds!

1. Surely…? No…? It can’t be my alarm? Already? Really? But I’ve been asleep for 5 minutes?

2. Maybe I’ll just quit and Instagram pictures for a living. That would make more sense than having to get out of bed right now.

3. I haven’t woken up in the dark for a while. This feels weird. I’m 99% sure it’s still night-time.

4. Pretty sure I didn’t have to function at this level of sleep depravity before the break.

5. I can’t even see my makeup right now. Do I even dare do liquid eyeliner in this blurry-eyed state?

6. I should probably get rid of this festive nail varnish. Or can I get away with it for one more week? Maybe?…

7. I wonder how many people will ask me how my Christmas was.

8. Do I even remember how my Christmas was?

9. Driving this tired should be illegal.

10. I sort of remember how to do my job. Definitely going to be a bit touch and go today.

11. And maybe tomorrow…

12. Was my seat always this uncomfortable?

13. Shock. My computer needs 10,000 updates.

14. God oh god oh god, going to have loadssss of emails that my head just won’t deal with right now

15. Oh hey, that’s not too bad. I guess I’ll only have to spare 30 minutes of my day to sort through them.

16. Oh. 60% are from Groupon. Great.

17. Still though… maybe an hour will suffice? Wouldn’t want to miss any deals now

18. Was the kettle always this slow?

19. Remember when we all said we would detox in the New Year? LOLZ good one!

20. The office looks so bare without the Christmas decorations. I’m going to have to say that to everyone that passes my desk this morning and we can all join together in a post-festivity hatred. Aww team bonding.

21. Oh great. I forgot my lunch. I never had to deal with this waking up at 11. *sigh*

22. How is it not even 11 yet? Time is passing far too slowly.

23. If one more person asks me how my Christmas was I think I might cry

24. Is it too early to book in all my holidays for this year?

25. Oh another Groupon email. Do I want to book a romantic break in the Lake District? A part of me thinks I do?

26. When will I stop writing 2015? That was like 10 million years ago

27. Maybe I’ll online shop at lunch to make myself feel better

28. Why are people selling summery clothes already when I’m sat here in a scarf and coat?

29. Can I stop saying Happy New Year now every time I answer the phone

30. I can’t believe there are 51 more weeks until Christmas… *cry*

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