25 Things I Have Noticed Since Leaving University

January 11, 2016

University of Manchester

It’s coming up to three years since I finished university and my life is completely different now.

No more are the lazy days or casual 3-hour lunches, looking ‘busy’ in the library or midday cocktails… The more I think about it, the more I miss the student life too.

1. Time passes quickly, really quickly, and no one warns you…

2. You will always look tired no matter how much makeup you are wearing or how much sleep you’ve had.

3. You will still eat shit.

4. You will have no time to do anything

5. TGIF becomes the real deal

6. Emailing your friends becomes the norm

7. Going to bed before 10 is acceptable

8. Staying in is more appealing than going out

9. Budgeting becomes a reality 🙁

10. Yet, you will always have no money

11. But always enough to shop 🙂


12. You will have no time to shop

13. Weekday drinking will be a distant memory

14. But, so will weekday hangovers 🙂

15. Sunday is reserved for doing nothing and eating roasts

16. Saturday is reserved for running errands – proper grown up style!

17. You will crave fruit. This is odd but one I have found is true :/

18. You will no longer socially drink coffee. You will crave it.

19. Vitamin tablets are your friend

20. Morning TV is just terrible… (although you probably already knew this one)

21. Your diary rules your life

22. Going to the gym is still a chore

23. The weekend goes crazily quickly

24. You will spend most of your wages within a week

25. You will constantly question what you are doing with your life/degree

There’s probably many more, so if I think of them, I’m sure you’ll hear from me again!


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