Happy Christmas Eve

December 24, 2015

Table with Christmas related things on

I have to admit, Christmas Eve is one of my favourite days of the whole year. I’ve been at work this morning, but it was only a half day and we had sweets, chocolate, pastries and cake for breakfast, so I can’t really complain and everyone was in such good spirits (and we barely did work anyway, hehe!)

We’re heading to my cousin’s house shortly to see some of my mum’s side of the family, and I’m really excited about that. I’ve also said that her daughter can open mine and Jordan’s present earlier because Santa has told me its ok – gaining major points here! We bought her an ice cream maker, which I would 100% use myself and may have to get on in the January sales!

After that, we’re heading out with friends later on into Altrincham, where we both live. We’ll probably go our separate ways for a bit because of the number of people that will be out, but we’ll meet back up, later on, to go home together.

Jordan and I are staying at my parent’s for a few days because it’ll be easier than going back and forth to our flat and we get to spend time with our families, which is what Christmas is all about.

I’m really excited for tomorrow – we’re spending the day at my parent’s and my family are coming over in two groups (my dad’s side, and the rest of my mum’s) and I know it’s already going to be such a lovely day – I’ve already got the Christmas films lined up.

I probably won’t blog now until the New Year so I hope you all have the best day ever with your families and I’ll see you in 2016 – also, how crazy is it that 2016 is just around the corner?!

Here’s hoping it’s a good one! xx

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