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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Fashion | My 6 Favourite Autumnal Shirts

Oh Autumn, how flipping great is it to have you round? After the poor excuse we had for a summer seemed to last until the last week of September, I have been very much anticipating the arrival of my favourite month of October.

Autumn has always been my favourite season for a number of reasons; it officially marks the time of year where I'm allowed to start getting excited about Christmas (which I have secretly been doing since July), the fashion of jumpers and jeans is much more me and the Starbucks red cups are just around the corner - which might actually be the lamest thing I have ever said...

In terms of autumnal fashion though, I love deep shades of red, green and navy, and pairing pretty much anything with ankle boots. I love jumper dresses, faux fur and huge scarfs - but the thing I love most of all about autumn fashion is the return of oversized shirts. As autumn tends to mean more cosy nights indoors, equipped with a takeaway, red wine and desserts to match, anything I can wear that is going to hide my ever expanding waistline is a godsend.

So here are my 6 favourite autumnal shirts;

1. Topshop Reclaim Poppy Print Blouse - £46

I saw this piece on Liv Purvis's snapchat when she was moseying around Venice and instantly had to know where it was from. I tweeted her, and because she is such a babe, she sent me the link to it. I love the fact that it's floral, but also has the contrast of the front panel and matching collar.

2. Zara Polka Dot Shirt - £25.99

Although I think a white shirt is a staple for any girl's wardrobe, sometimes its nice to mix it up a bit. I really love the understated pattern on this, but its enough to not just be plain shirt: Plus the gold polka dots are perfect for a bit of festiveness.

3. Next Black Ruffle Shirt - £32

Can I just say how impressed I've been with Next recently? They've really upped their game in relation to other high-street shops, and have some great AW collections. I think this is one of my favourite pieces because its casual enough to wear to work, but could also be paired with skinny jeans for an evening/night out look.

4. Boohoo Crochet Shirt - £20

I know a lot of people find Boohoo a bit hit and miss, but I've always really liked everything I've had. I really love anything crochet, especially when it doesn't reveal too much skin (or none in this case) and the collar is different to a usual shirt. They also do this is black too!

5. Asos Embroidered Check Shirt - £36

Embroidery was everywhere this summer, and it seems like the trend is standing strong. I think check shirts are quite casual, but I love pairing them with a pair of jeans, and anything that has heart badges on has my vote!

6. Primark Cropped Floral Blouse - £8

Does it annoy anyone else as much as me that you can't buy Primark online? I can't be the only one? Anyway... I don't usually like cropped things on me, but as my Topshop Joni jeans go pretty much as high as my belly button, I think this top paired with them would be quite a cute outfit!

I hope this list has given you some autumnal inspiration for the upcoming months :) xx

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