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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Losing my Blogging Mojo

At the moment I’ll admit that I am massively jealous of all of the bloggers I read that are still at university or just finishing and have that time in the day where you come to the conclusion that you can’t do any more coursework or revision and just sit at a laptop and write. I miss finishing my old job at 4pm, not having that long a commute and having the time to sit down in the evening and actually write something constructive, instead of cramming a blog into an hour between things that you’ve recorded on Sky Plus.
I said from the start that I’ve never wanted to post something that I felt is a half arsed attempt at a blog post because its transparent, and my personality won’t come across which I feel is one of the most important things when blogging. I wouldn’t even say that I am running low on ideas because that’s not the case – I have loads of notes on my phone, emails to myself and even screen-shotted pictures that I want to include in my blogs, but the words just won’t come to me. It’s not even just that, the lack of inspiration isn’t even the most frustrating thing, it’s the lack of time.
When I was at university I took all the time I had for granted. There were weeks where I would have one lecture and the rest of the time I would just walk around Manchester, go shopping, see friends and all the things that I now feel I have no time for. I started this blog in university as part of a social media module (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned a million times) and although I love writing, and I really really do, I just didn’t think anyone would read my blog so I didn’t put too much effort into it. Plus when I was starting out, blogs weren’t a huge deal, but so many have taken off massively since then. And now I see students whose blogs have really taken off… ones who have the time to go to events in the day, vlog them, take really good pictures and so on. I’m not saying I wish that I was a full time blogger and that my blog at university had gone viral (but hello, that would be PRETTY AWESOME!) but what I am saying is that I am stuck in such a massive rut which just feels like is spiraling out of control. I don’t have the time to put as much effort as I would like into my blog, but at the same time I don’t want to publish a post just for the hell of it.
I’m not even 100% sure what I am trying to say, or if this even makes sense. But hey ho, I’m not even going to read it back because I am in that mood where I want to be completely honest and unedited. I want people to know where I stand right now, and in all honesty I needed to get these words out onto a page before my head explodes (one of those days!)
I don’t think people are at a loss because I am blogging less, and I’m sure a lot of people haven’t even noticed to be completely honest, but I just wanted to say that hopefully my blogging mojo will come back and I will just find the time to get to grips with everything. I need to keep remembering that my job is what comes first right now, saving for a house to start a future with my boyfriend and spending time with the people that make me so unbelievably happy. I just wish there was another day in the week.

Anyone want to help me petition for that?? 


  1. I'll sign the petition! An extra hour in each day would make life so much easier. Or Hermione Granger's time turner, either or. I'm sure you're doing fabulous at work though, working late included! Plus saving for a house must be difficult.

    So frustrating when you feel like you can't put time into blogging isn't it? At the minute I'm feeling like I have so many ideas and photos and posts to write etc. etc. etc. but have 4 Alevels to do in the meantime, so forcing myself to stop blogging and get on with revision is a real pain in the ass. Power on through :D

    lots of love (need to see you again soon!)
    lily x

    1. Aww Lily you're such a little ray of sunshine :) and yes definitely need to do something first!

      Your posts and photography are always so beautiful! I'm so jealous!
      But yes unfortunately it's annoying when your can't put your passion first and need to be an adult :( but hopefully we can both find a good balance that works for all areas in our lives!! Xxxx

  2. i feel your pain, it's so hard when your full of ideas but can't get them out because you're busy doing 'adult' things. i hate when my blog suffers.x

    1. I know! Its so hard because my blog is something I'm so passionate about, but I can't spend as much time on it as I need because the other areas of my life will suffer. It's just about getting a good balance I guess :) xxx


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