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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Fashion | The 12 things On My Winter Wish-list

As the temperatures have dropped, and we find ourselves in the midst of winter, I've starting searching for practical clothes that are going to keep me warm and dry on those freezing cold days, mixed with a few beauty buys, and home-ware. Also, because payday is less than a week away, I've also been thinking of the different things I want from Father Christmas. So lets begin!

1) I've been searching for the perfect fur coat (mid-length in black pour moi) for quite a while now, but because of my odd pear-shaped body, I find it hard to find coats that fit properly without drowning me. When it comes to fur coats as well I find myself looking like some sort of yeti, as they are usually quite a bit bulkier than normal parkas or trenches. The other day I was shopping in the Trinity centre in Leeds (amazing centre FYI if you even find yourselves on that side of the pennines) and I came across a lovely black one in Primark, but the fit just wasn't right, even though the price was much more attractive than other high-street shops. Bearing that in mind, I took to the internet and found this full length black coat with the addition of the faux fur on the body. I know this isn't exactly what I wanted, and with the price tag of £89, it's a little bit out of my range, but I love the fact that this is an elegant coat, mixed with the edginess of having the extra fur on it. Plus I think this would fit better than a full on fur coat for my body type.

2) Keeping on the trend of fur (and Topshop for that matter) I also came across this fur scarf when I was moseying about the internet, and I love it! (Or I guess I should say stole...) I don't really have much khaki in my wardrobe, but I feel this tonal look would go with a lot of different outfits. There's something about faux fur that I think really livens up an outfit, and gives it an elegant sort of flair. This Topshop one is £28, which isn't cheap, and to be honest you could probably find a less pricey version in Primark or H&M, but I think it's lovely :)

3) A combo that I find myself living in at the moment is skinny jeans and a bit jumper. It's an outfit that can be dressed up with statement jewellery and boots, but also works for a work day or chilling with friends. If you were wondering, my jeans of choice are Topshop Black Joni Jeans (obvs) and recently I have been loving the Boohoo, Annie oversized vintage jumper. I said before that I don't have much khaki in my wardrobe, and I really love the shade of this one, and for only £15, they are really good value!

(obviously it's winter and I wouldn't wear this with shorts... Odd styling there Boohoo)

4) So stepping away from fashion for the moment, I also had a look on the H&M home site, and was pleasantly surprised. Although I have never actually seen a home section in any H&M shops that I have been in, a lot of blogs that I read have only good things to say about the range. And everything is reasonably priced as well compared to other 'home' shops (Zara, I'm looking your way...) I found this cushion for £6.99 which I think is a good price for what I would call a statement cushion i.e. you wouldn't have more than one of these. Plus the message is kinda cute as well, although I'm not sure if this is supposed to relate solely to Christmas, but I kind of like it as an all year round mantra :)

5) Keeping with the theme of cushions, and this time a slightly more festive one, I found this beauty on the Asda home website. Not only is it a cat with a santa hat on and a big fancy bow, but it also looks like my little baby Simba, so obviously I adore it! One for all you cat cushion lovers out there; I know you exist! And this one was £8.

6) Another home website I had a nosey on was Next home, which was probably a mistake because I love everything and want to buy a house now so that all my rooms can look like a Next inspired show home, so that's nice... Anyway, with the up and coming festivities in mind, I found this Christmas bedding which might be for children, but you know, whose really keeping score? Not too bad as well for £15, although that is for a single... *cries*

7) Also, if Simba gets a say, I really think he'd like this, also from the Next home website, because it's such a hard life being a cat...

(Anyone else thinks this cat looks cross eyed?)

8) Without sounding too cliché, I had to throw one of my favourite Yankee candles into the mix for good measure, and my favourite winter scent definitely has to be Toasted Marshmallow yummm. Prices vary for Yankee candles, and you can find them in most supermarkets, as well as online, but I've found the cheapest place currently is Asda.

9) On that note, another Yankee Candle scent I have been loving at the moment is Vanilla Lime, which isn't very Christmassy I know, but it is amazing!

10) Yes I know I sound like a broken record, and I promise that I did look at other websites in preparation for writing this, but what can I say? I'm a Topshop girl through and through, and this pinafore is no different. I actually ordered a suede, navy one from New Look, thinking it would be perfect for work and winter in general, but when it arrived I was really disappointed in the fit and the fabric. After I sent it back, I decided I still really like the sort of 'schoolgirl-esque' look that a pinafore gives you, and I went on the hunt. Not only do I loveee the colour of this one, but it's also not too expensive for £39, seen as how versatile it is. It's cord as well, which isn't a material I have in my wardrobe, and comes in other colours.

11) Like every girl, I have been lusting over the Naked 3 palette recently, and can you blame me, I mean look at those colours!! Even the packaging is beautiful. I know all three are on the Urban Decay website for £38 but it is slightly cheaper on the Debenhams website and also Feel Unique.

12) Last but not least, I thought I would have to throw a scarf into the mix, and this beauty from New Look is my choice. For only £14.99 as well, I think it's reasonable for how warm and snuggly it looks. The good thing about grey, monochrome prints, is that they go with most outfits, which is handy when you need to rush out of the door, but need the extra warmth.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have writing it :) 



  1. I love your wish list, I think I could agree in sayings every one there I want too!

  2. haha thanks Amelia :)

    It's getting me in the festive spirit! xx


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