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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Hey, It's Ok, it's Christmas!

Hey, it's ok...

To wear patterned jumpers, fleecy pjs and festive socks as soon as the clocks go back 
To secretly buy your friends presents that you want yourself
To accept the fact that after every meal, it’s mandatory to have a mince pie in order to keep the festive spirit high
To eat more cheese in a month than you have all year round
To enjoy the countdown to Christmas day more than Christmas day itself
To suspend anything remotely sparkly from every surface in your house
To give up even trying to count calories
To get a fake tree after expressing how much you like real ones all year long
To be overly excited that you can finally play your Christmas playlist which has been clogging up your phone since last year
To be smug that you bought all your presents before everyone else you know
To fear the Monday after the Christmas party
To max out your credit card by December 5th enjoying all the festive loveliness
To coat your nails in a different glitter varnish, every time you paint them
To drink anything with the words ‘toffee, peppermint, gingerbread, hazelnut, almond’ in front of it, religiously
To dread the question 'what are you doing for new year's'
To find it incredibly hard to only spend a fiver on your secret santa, who you barely know..
To secretly want to send Christmas cards from your cat
To resent the fact you live in a flat and not somewhere with a real log fire place :(

Merry Christmas Everyone! x

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